Migration of web hosting from the Paris datacentre to Gravelines

The web hosting sites located in Paris will soon be migrated, to allow you to benefit from even better performance

Why this change?

Since the launch of our web hosting solutions in the early 2000s, up until 2016, all websites have been deployed in our Paris datacentre. In August 2015, we opened a new datacentre in Gravelines, to increase our hosting capacity and continue to offer you the best performance.

We are constantly renewing our infrastructure by replacing existing servers with new machines. It is this daily work, performed by our technicians, that has enabled us to maintain this datacentre for nearly twenty years.

It is necessary to maintain the operational conditions of our infrastructures. But some larger-scale work (i.e. electrical supply, network, cooling) is required. This type of maintenance can pose a significant risk of failure.

In order to limit the impact, we decided to migrate all web hosting to Gravelines before starting any major maintenance work. This migration will also allow you to benefit from an even more resilient infrastructure.

What will be the impact on my website?

No changes are planned on your website. All of your applied configurations will remain, including PHP versions, multisite, databases, etc.

What must I do to migrate?

No action is required on your part regarding this migration. The migration will be transparent and automatic.

What are the advantages of the Gravelines datacentre?

Once the migration is complete, your websites will benefit from several new features:

- an infrastructure with a higher level of resilience, and hardware with higher levels of performance
- MySQL databases, compatible with version 5.6
- the HTTP/2 protocol, activated by default for all our hosting solutions (currently available in Paris with the CDN option)

What will be the impact on the usage of my hosting?

Web hosting is not just about displaying a website, but also the different administration services required to manage the site.
The use of some of these services will be different in Gravelines. Below is an exhaustive list of these changes:

The address of the FTP server and the SSH server

These will always depend on the cluster where your hosting is located. For example, with cluster 012:
- “ftp.cluster012.ovh.net” becomes “ftp.cluster012.hosting.ovh.net” ;
- “ssh.cluster012.ovh.net” becomes “ssh.cluster012.hosting.ovh.net”.

Your OVH Control Panel will be automatically updated during the migration. If you are in any doubt, go to the "FTP/SSH" tab.

phpmyadmin address

If you use "phpmyadmin.ovh.net" to administer your databases, you will need to choose the phpmyadmin corresponding to your cluster. For example, with cluster 012:
“phpmyadmin.ovh.net” becomes  ”https://phpmyadmin.cluster012.hosting.ovh.net”.

The "phpmyadmin.ovh.net" service will remain available during the migration period, until the end of 2019.
If in doubt, go to the "databases" tab in the OVH Control Panel.

The address of your statistics and logs

From now on, your statistics and logs will be available in a space linked to your cluster. For example, with cluster 012:
https://logs.ovh.net” becomes “https://logs.cluster012.hosting.ovh.net”.

All log archives and visit statistics (Urchin) will be transferred to Gravelines. Your history will not be lost.
If in doubt, go to the "statistics and logs" tab in the OVH Control Panel.

The use of external databases with your hosting can slow it down.

If you use a database hosted on another cluster, it will not be migrated immediately. We have created a network tunnel to ensure communication between the infrastructures of Gravelines and Paris.

However, it adds a few milliseconds to each SQL query to your database, and can therefore slow down your applications.

The use of the database server name "bdd.mysql.db" is strongly recommended.

Historically, database servers were named "mysql51-123.pro" or "mysql55-123.perso". A more generic format is now available: "DatabaseName.mysql.db". In the event of overload from your server, this allows us to move your database from your server to another, with less of a load.

We have not yet made this feature mandatory on the accounts we are going to migrate. If your hosting is affected, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the operations to be carried out.

The common SSL certificate of the cluster will disappear

In Paris, you benefit from access to your site in HTTPS, using a common SSL certificate per cluster. This access uses the cluster address and your username. For example, with cluster012, the address is in the following format: “https://ssl12.ovh.net/~user”.

Since the free activation of SSL certificates on all our web hosting in 2016, this feature is no longer necessary, and will disappear with the migration. Access to database snapshots will disappear The backup system for databases is different in the Gravelines datacentre. Every day, a backup is made and becomes accessible via the OVH Control Panel for one (1) month. In Paris, you can access a previous backup of your database (D-1 and D-7) using specific connection ports (different from 3306). As this feature is only rarely used, we have decided not to maintain it.
When will my website be migrated?

The migration date depends on the cluster with which your hosting is associated. We will inform you several times by email of the migration dates for your various services. You will receive a message: 30 days before, 15 days before and after the migration is complete.

All migrations will be carried out at night, between 11pm and 6am (Paris time).

What steps will there be in the migration process?

Each website is stored on a file server (also called "filerz") and uses databases. They are accessible via a shared IP address.

Seven days before the migration, we will transfer all IP address traffic from the Paris cluster to the Gravelines cluster. This datacentre will then manage redirecting requests to Paris. This operation will be transparent and will not interrupt your website.

To maintain consistency, we will cut off access to your websites and their databases a few minutes before the migration begins. This will allow us to transfer data between Paris and Gravelines.

This shutdown will take place during the night, between 11pm and 6am. You will be able to follow the details of the operation in real time, via http://travaux.ovh.net.

Once the data has been migrated to Gravelines, we will apply your configuration to the new servers, then restore access to your website. The same operation will be performed for databases.

Once the operation is complete, we will update the Control Panel, and you will receive an e-mail confirming that the operation is complete.


For any questions related to the migration of web hosting from Paris to Gravelines, we invite you to subscribe to the web@ml.ovh.net mailing list (send a message to web-subscribe@ml.ovh.net to register).