Detailed statistics

Your web hosting plan also includes access to your website's statistics. You don't need to sign up anywhere else to benefit from this service. As soon as your web hosting plan is activated, you will be able to access your statistics a few days later and start tracking your website.

Using these stats

The logs are generated by your web servers

OVH transfers them to Urchin, which interprets them

You can see your statistics in your manager

It's easy to access your website's statistics - simply go to the "Statistics and logs" section of your Control Panel.

Simple to use and view - analyse your website in just a few clicks

View my website’s logs and statistics

Statistics in detail

What information will these statistics give?

Traffic to your website

  • The number of visitors
  • The number of page views
  • The 'weight' of the pages viewed
  • Number of HTTP requests

This data can be visualised in terms of time, date, weeks, months and years, to get a better picture of your site's progress.


  • Average session durations for your entire website, or for a particular page.

Track your search engine ranking

  • How did visitors find your website?
  • Which search engines did they use to find your website's URL?
  • What keywords did they use for their search?

Improve how you manage your website

Find out which pages your visitors view the most

  • Which pages of your website were most visited?
  • For how long?
  • Which pages contain errors, and what types of error do they contain?


  • Which pages of your website are visited first?
  • Which pages are visited last?
  • How much time is spent, on average, viewing each page?
  • How many pages are viewed on average during each visit to your website?

OSL: OVH Speed Logs

You can view your site logs in less than 15 minutes. You can check that your site is working correctly or calculate the logs in real time.

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