Detailed Stats: URCHIN

URCHIN stats

Statistics are available for every hosting plan by default, so you don't need to order any additional services.

Once your hosting system has been activated, the stats will be made available within days and you can start tracking your website.

URCHIN stats

Using these stats

To access your website stats, simply go to:

Simple to use and view - analyse your website in just a few clicks View your website stats and logs.

URCHIN stats

The stats in detail

What kind of information do these stats provide ?

Traffic to your website

  • Number of visitors,
  • Number of pages visited
  • The 'load' of pages viewed
  • Number of http requests
URCHIN stats

This data can be visualised in terms of time, date, weeks, months and years, to get a better picture of your site's progress.


  • The average duration of visits for all pages or one specific page

Track your search engine ranking

  • How did the visitors find your website?
  • Which search engine brought them to your website?
  • Which keywords did they use when searching?

Improve how you manage your website

Which pages are most successful?

  • Which pages are most frequently visited on your website?
  • How much time do visitors spend on your website?
  • Which pages contain errors and what type of errors were found?


  • Which pages are viewed the most?
  • Which pages were last viewed on your website?
  • What's the average time spent on each page?
  • What's the average number of pages viewed per visit?

OSL: OVH Speed Logs

You can view your site logs in less than 15 minutes. You can check that your site is working correctly or calculate the logs in real time.