Manage your databases with MySQL

MySQL is quite a simple system, which makes it very efficient for managing databases! Combined with scripting languages such as PHP, PERL and ASP, it lets you create dynamic websites such as a forum, a blog or an online store.

MySQL from OVH, simple in 1-click!

Create... modify... restore... Total simplicity in managing your databases. In your Manager, you can directly:

  • Create a database
  • Change a database password
  • Customise a database name
  • List your databases
  • Restore a deleted database
  • Delete a database

Backup your databases

Totally fool-proof...

Daily backups: every database is systematically backed up at 4am every day. You can easily restore your databases via the Manager.

...and bespoke.

Save your database as a .sql file and easily transfer your data.

Send your backups via email in two clicks!

You can request via the Control Panel for your database backup to be emailed to the account admin.

Schedule backups
automatically with Crontab.

PhpMyAdmin version 2.11.5

The most popular interface for managing databases on a PHP server.

Included with web hosting plans...

Personal Hosting Professional Hosting Performance Hosting
Personal SQL 1 x 200 MB 3 x 400 MB 3 x 800 MB
Professional SQL - 1 x 2 GB 1 x 4 GB
Private SQL - - 1 x 128 MB RAM