High availability

High Availability

OVH web hosting plans include the most advanced technologies, giving you one of the highest quality services possible.

OVH has setup a stable and reliable infrastructure.


Your website data storage space is based on high performance file servers with dozens of hard drives.

Specialised servers

Web and email servers

More than 1000 dedicated servers run simultaneously by using redundant load balancers that deal with your visitors' requests.

Load balancing and server redundancy guarantee that your website remains accessible, even if one or more servers fail.

There are no outages or latency: everything is transparent. With this plan, we can guarantee that your websites remain available 99.9% of the time. This is what we mean by high availability.
The same storage and load balancing principles apply to email servers.

The SQL database servers

MySQL databases are stored on servers specifically reserved for this purpose.

Every SQL server is a powerful, highly available machine with multiple RAID-1 hard drives. In the event of one hard drive failing, another takes over and none of your data is lost. The security of your data is our biggest priority.

Other servers

The same technology is used for the servers that manage anonymous FTP and RealMedia spaces for audio and video streaming.