Versioning control (SVN)

Manager version: Subversion

A version control software manages the different versions of your project and their merging together, as well as managing the backup of your files at every stage of modification.
When you work together on a project such as a website with subversions, you don't have to worry about the code.

Subversion allows you to share the work of individual members to the entire team and to revert to a previous version in a single command.

For example:

A developer is working on a fichier. When it's done, they send the new version as a subversion that the whole team can make use of.
If multiple people are working on one file, the software takes care of differentiating between the versions and merging them into one.

If required, you have access to the different versions, so no work is ever lost.

The online part of your project (the part in production) is managed by subversion, as though using a classic subversion account.
So you can have peace of mind when updating all or part of your project, directly online, without risk of data loss or conflicts between different file versions.

version manager schema: subversion

To install Subversion on your hosting you can follow this guide.