OVH Analyser: optimise your website performance

Optimise your scripts' execution times on your web hosting plan

With the OVH Analyser you can:

  • Find the scripts that reduce your website's performance
  • See the statistics generated by your scripts.

Measure your overall website performance

The OVH Analyser enables you to view the actions carried out by your script and to calculate statistics such as:

  • Loading times
  • Execution time of your SQL queries
  • The global execution time of a particular script
  • The CPU usage percentage
  • RAM usage
  • Etc...


The OVH Analyser is so easy-to-use that it can be used by anyone - businesses and individuals alike.

  • Log into your Control Panel and launch a new search
  • Receive an email once the analysis is complete
  • See the results directly via your Control Panel.

For more information, please see our guides !