The leader in content management systems

WordPress, originally designed for blog creation and management, has also won over website professionals and established itself as one of the leaders in the open-source CMS arena. WordPress is known for being easy to use, extremely customisable, and for its high quality SEO features. It's used on nearly 25% of websites today.

A management interface that will impress you

WordPress has won over millions of users because it's particularly user-friendly and clearly designed for non-technical users. As you get to grips with it, you will also learn how to change the dashboard to suit your needs.

Take advantage of high quality SEO tools

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation), everyone's in agreement about WordPress, and everyone acknowledges the benefits of a CMS in SEO. With WordPress, you not only get to grips with the basics of SEO, you can also go even further with the help of useful plugins.

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Designed for non-technical users

Joomla! is a pioneering open-source content management system, and with more than 60 million downloads it has become one of the most popular CMSs on the market. It's easy to connect to and can be configured in no time, and is clearly designed to make website creation and management as easy as possible for people with limited technical skills.

Create your website quickly and easily

As soon as you've activated your website, you will have most of the features you need to start creating your website, including the text editor known as RTE (Rich Text Editor). Essentially, if you know how to use Word, you will be able to create a page with Joomla!

Find the plugins you need

Equipped with a library of more than 5000 plugins, Joomla! will give you everything you need for now and for the future.

Ideal for collaboration

Since the release of version 2.5, Joomla! has provided users with simple and quick ways to define management rights and private zones. User registration, profiles and user groups are included and pre-configured by default and you can then update them in line with your needs.

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The must-have e-commerce solution

The rise of e-commerce has naturally led to a demand for solutions that make it easier to design and manage online shops. PrestaShop has quickly established itself as a must-have solution for online traders and digital agencies because it gives users huge freedom of configuration and therefore customisation.

An online store with bags of character

More than 2000 themes, including several RWD themes, are available to help you to quickly build your online shop, and you don't have to do any coding. Using the PrestaShop Theme Configurator module, you can inject your unique personality into your online shop.

310 features to meet all your needs

Whether you need to manage your product catalogue, secure your buying procedures, manage offers or engage in marketing activities, PrestaShop offers a wide variety of features to support you.

Pre-installed on your web hosting plan for added simplicity

The technical departments at PrestaShop and OVH have joined forces so that you can benefit from all the advantages offered by PrestaShop directly via the Control Panel. You don't need to do any technical configurations; we take care of everything!

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