GeoCache, indispensable for your international websites

The GeoCache Accelerator technique is based on a set of locations spread across the world. Your files or other hosted elements that don't require recurrent updates are cached at these locations and redistributed locally. Together with the OVH global network, this principle enables you to boost and optimise your website experience for users anywhere in the world.

It's essential if you need to deploy web projects aimed at the entire world. If international targets are part of your agenda, the GeoCache CDN will not only speed up your website loading times, improving your users' experience, it will also help you achieve a better SEO ranking as search engines are sensitive to page loading time.

The GeoCache CDN deployed by OVH

The GeoCache CDN solution developed by OVH further improves your website performance and speeds up page loading times for your users using the 17 PoPs (points of presence) spread across the entire world, from East to West.

These inter-connection points benefit from the power of the global OVH network, which is fully redundant and has a total capacity of over 2.5 Tbps bandwidth. The cached content is therefore replicated at multiple points around the world on the CDN infrastructure, which redirects it to the user's nearest PoP, in the shortest time delay.

The 17 points assigned to the OVH GeoCache are located as follows:

7 in Europe:

Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), Paris (France), Warsaw (Polond).

Paris (France)

Milan (Italy)

Madrid (Spain)

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

London (United Kingdom)

Frankfurt (Germany)

Warsaw (Poland)

10 in America:

Ashburn (USA), Atlanta (USA), Chicago (USA), Dallas (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Miami (USA), Newark (USA), San Jose (USA), Seattle (USA), Toronto (Canada).

Chicago (USA)

Dallas (USA)

Newark (USA)

San Jose (USA)

Ashburn (USA)

Atlanta (USA)

Los Angeles (USA)

Miami (USA)

Seattle (USA)

Toronto (Canada)

GeoCache CDN incuded in your Web Hosting package

To complement your web hosting solution, OVH has added a GeoCache CDN, tailor-made for each offer.

To make things simple, the data handled by this CDN is selected and managed automatically, meaning that all non-dynamic content, such as images, videos, standard HTML, etc. is cached by default.

To learn more about managing a GeoCache CDN, go to our guide.

Personal/Professional offers

The Personal and Professional support include a GeoCache Accelerator on just 3 PoPs: Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Newark (USA).

Performance plan

The Performance plan incorporates the GeoCache Acclerator replicated on 17 points of presence: