Automated emails

Track emails sent from your website

Contact forms, purchase orders sent from your online store, emails sent in PHP... you can track all automated emails sent by your website's scripts.

  • You can spot any errors in advance and react quickly.
  • You can monitor your website's activity and prepare for security vulnerabilities

The possibilities

Anticipate errors

Want to know the status of all your sent emails? See a detailed summary in the Control Panel

Error report sent out daily

You will receive a daily error report to the email address of your choice.

Searching for an email error?

From your manager, you can refine your search by applying a filter to all error messages. You can select the period and quantity of messages to display.

This function is very useful for sending a mailing list in order to update the contact list and remove mis-typed addresses.

Receive updates on security vulnerabilities

Is my website sending spam?

By keeping track of your error reports and sent emails, you can analyse and quickly apply a patch if you find out that your site is sending out spam for example. You will see the number of emails sent and are able to block the sending of these emails immediately.

Keep track of your business activity:

Use the error report to update your information. The report will show you any addresses that no longer exist, so you can delete them and clean up your mailing list. It will show you any unsent emails, so you can react quickly and resend them!

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