Manage your VPS with ease

A simple and straightforward way to manage your VPS

OVH gives you root access so that you have total control of your VPS on a day-to-day basis. It also offers a comprehensive and secure API which lets you do everything you need to: reboot, re-install, configure, upgrade, activate additional features, access logs...

A well-documented and clear RESTful API

The OVH RESTful API provides a single page overview of all the possible management actions in your VPS, sorted by categories. Each function has a description and a button and there are also code samples for developers to use in their scripts.

Ideal for developers

The OVH RESTful API allows you to: manage your VPS with ease, automate tasks, include them in your own projects, retrieve system information and reintegrate it into your websites. REST technology makes it easy!


Manage all of your OVH VPS features

Clear overview

RESTful technology for total control and security