Your open and reversible Public Cloud platform

While cloud infrastructures provide flexibility and agility in terms of infrastructure, they also make it much easier for developers to do business.

With OVHstack, you no longer have to worry about technical and hardware choices: simply deploy the instances of your choice in just a few clicks to make your software solutions work, and use OVHstack's open APIs to link other services!

OVHstack: the simple and standardised Public Cloud

OVHstack's Public Cloud is open and easy to use, allowing you to focus on developing and deploying your software solutions.

Based on OpenStack, the OVHstack Public Cloud is based on open standards, to facilitate the handling and deployment of instances, while allowing the automation of multiple actions via open and standard APIs. OVHstack allows developers to spend less time managing the software stack, and stay focused on their core business.

OVHstack delivers the tools that enable faster, simpler development and deployment, guaranteeing a boost in efficiency.

OVHstack: a wide range of products

Enabling developers to focus on high-value activities, OVHstack natively offers many services ported to the cloud – all via API.

This makes it possible to effortlessly use and automate databases, log visualisation systems, and container management – all "as a service", directly hosted on the same OVHstack Public Cloud infrastructure.

In addition, to help developers to improve their efficiency even further, new services are regularly offered in the Beta phase, in order to open up access to them as quickly as possible.

Finally, the use of standard APIs allows us to offer native integration of our strategic partners’ services, in order to have these innovations available on demand, via simple API calls!

OVHstack: open, reversible and transparent

Moving to the cloud should not result in dependence on any type of infrastructure or data retention.

OVHstack is based on OpenStack, and a set of standard, open APIs and services, in order to guarantee the global interoperability of your infrastructures, both with other OVH services and with your pre-existing services and infrastructures.

In addition, your data remains accessible, transferable and exploitable at any time, without retention or technical barriers.

A standard cloud: open, accessible, transparent, and multi-local. That is OVHstack's promise!


OVHstack represents OVH's vision of the Public Cloud. For those who develop using cloud platforms, OVHstack provides access to a panel of standard APIs that allow you to interconnect all micro-services, to build a robust and functional service very quickly, while remaining focused on development rather than infrastructure management!