An entire infrastructure to build your cloud platform

As a hardware, network and infrastructure enthusiast, you know that choice is an essential part of successfully managing a server, or building the infrastructure that will best meet your needs. As a system administrator, you can choose the most suitable solution for your projects: physical server, virtual server or Private Cloud.

OVHspirit offers a wide range of models, equipped with next-generation components that offer configurations suitable for all applications. You can also choose the level of service that best meets your requirements, while enjoying one of the best price/performance ratios on the market!

OVHspirit: your goals, your choices

OVHspirit leverages all of OVH's experience and hardware expertise with a wide range of Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Private Cloud.

CPU, RAM, GPU, storage type and quantity: the OVHspirit universe offers a wide range of infrastructure components, so each user can identify THE solution that meets or exceeds their expectations, from entry-level servers to more complex infrastructures.

Whether you order a single server (physical or virtual) for testing purposes, or an entire cluster to configure and administer a production infrastructure (for you or your own customers), OVHspirit offers you cost-optimised ranges that leverage OVH's proven knowledge and technical expertise.

With OVHspirit and its wide range of solutions, you can build your own scalable cloud infrastructure using cutting-edge technologies, while enjoying the best performance/price ratio on the market.

OVHspirit: the right level of service

Each project has its own specific requirements, but it also has its associated level of service: this is OVHspirit's promise. Each component offered by OVHspirit has a service level ranging from 99.95% to 99.99%, allowing you to adapt your choices based on how critical your applications are. 

In addition, OVHspirit also allows you to customise the level of available support to suit your needs. 

As experienced system administrators who don’t need assistance when configuring their infrastructure(s), you will have access to an extensive library of documentation, as well as a whole community of users. But if your project requires support from our experts, you will always have the option of choosing a higher level of support.

OVHspirit guarantees the right service level for your specific needs!

OVHspirit: the entire OVH ecosystem

As part of the OVH brand universe, OVHspirit benefits from all the experience and technical advantages unique to OVH.

All product ranges in this universe are supported by our own network, which is deployed worldwide with more than 15 Tbs of capacity. Similarly, more than 30 PoPs ensure our global presence and connectivity to your server or infrastructure, no matter where it’s hosted. 

Finally, OVH provides an exclusive anti-DDoS system that has already absorbed some of the largest attacks ever recorded (over 1 Tbs), and ensures all product ranges in the OVHspirit universe are fully protected at all times.

With OVHspirit, you benefit from multi-local infrastructures, based on a thoroughly-tested protection system that is among the best on the market!


Rely on a scalable, multi-local cloud infrastructure, based on cutting-edge technologies that meet specific needs and offer the best performance/price ratio.