An alternative cloud for successful digital transformations

Beyond responding to companies’ need for digital transformation, tools and infrastructures are an essential part of achieving the strategic objectives of large enterprises.

With this in mind, OVHenterprise offers solutions, services and support to move all or part of your infrastructures to the cloud, without service interruptions, without giving up your on-premise infrastructures, and without cutting you off from other cloud solutions on the market.

Worldwide, under European jurisdiction, open and interoperable, the Hybrid Cloud by OVHenterprise is able to support you in all your infrastructure projects!

OVHenterprise: easier migration to the cloud

Delivering tangible improvements in efficiency and agility, the deployment of an organisation's applications and services in the cloud is not a trivial choice. From a technical point of view, this most often involves the heavy rewriting of applications, as well as potentially lengthy service interruptions.

Thanks to its total control of the technical chain (network, datacentres, servers, application stacks, etc.), OVHenterprise is able to offer an easy, transparent and reversible migration process, based on open standards.

Whether you want to switch all your infrastructures to an open and reversible Private Cloud, use Dedicated Servers, or keep part of your on-premise infrastructures and connect them to different cloud solutions, OVHenterprise is able to support you – regardless of the deployment model chosen – by offering you a native, private interconnection to any of these options.

Capable of deploying networks and infrastructures worldwide, OVHenterprise is a global cloud player, ready to support you both globally and locally.

OVHenterprise: an alternative cloud

You and your customers’ data is among your most valuable assets. OVHenterprise gives you the freedom to choose where to host data, while benefiting from the protection offered by European law. If necessary, a dedicated legal entity of the group is located in the United States, allowing you to deploy across the Atlantic, while protecting the rest of your infrastructures from the applicable local legislation.

The vast range of technical solutions available makes all types of infrastructure possible: public, private (based on dedicated machine clusters) or hybrid. In the case of the latter, part of the infrastructure remains hosted on-premises, while another part can be migrated to a Private or Public Cloud – all unified by the private OVH network.

Each situation is unique and requires an adapted infrastructure, which is why no technical barriers are put in place within OVHenterprise solutions. They can be used and combined in whichever way best suits your needs.

In addition, through open standards, OVHenterprise ensures the reversibility of your data and the interoperability of your infrastructures, so that you remain in control at all times.

OVHenterprise: availability and follow-up

Your activities require an infrastructure that’s always available. That's why OVHenterprise offers you redundancy and availability levels that match the requirements of your applications.

This is achieved by relying on industry standards, manufacturing our own servers, and designing our own datacentres. By retaining control of the entire technical chain, OVHenterprise is able to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

In addition, tailor-made support and follow-up can be provided, from pre-sales to after-sales, via dedicated teams that understand your needs and technical architecture. You will have easy access to our technical experts to support you in your digital transformation.


As a decision maker, you want to achieve strategic objectives by partnering with an alternative cloud provider. 
Keep control of your data by using a Hybrid Cloud, based on both our Public and Private Clouds, as well as all the other clouds available on the market.