OVH Android, the OVH manager for Android!

Do you want to manage your services, keep track of your work tasks and check your account from your Android Smartphone?

It's now possible! Thanks to the latest OVH application for Android. Visit the Android market and check out the new remote management software from OVH.

The application will soon have all the features of the OVH manager.

Features :
OVH Android allows you to manage:
  • your VPS
  • your domains
  • your hosting
  • your telephony
  • your dedicated servers
  • your SMS
  • your E-mails

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New features of OVH Android version 0.9.0

  • XDSL
    • Access: information, statistics and configuration
    • VoIP: configuration and call history
  • Bugs & Improvements
  • Possibility of connecting to a North American OVH account
  • Management of BHS dedicated servers
  • Access to email support added
  • PCI
    • Persistent
    • Instances images
    • SSH Keys
  • Bugs & Improvements
    • Multi-account facility
    • The majority of list in the application can now be filtered
    • Products/services and actions display can be configured
    • Many improvements to the interfaces & bug corrections
  • Dedicated
    • Netboot
  • Bugs & Improvements
    • Performance improvement when displaying lists containing many elements
    • Progression notifications were not working correctly (e.g. re-installation of the server)
    • Dedicated IP fail-over: creation was not working correctly
    • Dedicated MRTG: potential crash when data missing
  • Public Cloud Instances
    • Details
    • Manage instances
    • Consumption
  • Dedicated
    • IP Failover
  • Bugs & improvements
    • Reduced of fingerprint memory
  • vKimsufi
    • Details
    • Reboot
    • Re-installation
    • Reverse DNS
  • Bugs & improvements
    • Emails redirections: improved list
    • VoIP/Summary: correctly sorted by date/time

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