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The OVHcloud Startup Program

What are the advantages of the OVHcloud Startup Program?

Before it became an international company, OVHcloud was also a startup. We know how difficult it is to enter a market with very few resources. This is why we want startups to be able test our solutions free of charge and enjoy the expertise and support provided by OVHcloud, so they can focus on launching their products and services to the market.

In detail

Infrastructure budget of up to €100,000 to test and deploy your solution

OVH experts ready to help you set up your infrastructure

An open-source infrastructure and a totally transparent solution

Contact with our partners for additional support

Support in your search for financing and investors

The chance to participate in our events and present your startup to the general public

Your startup could be featured in interviews and OVHcloud videos

Training in our solutions


Our values

It is because OVHcloud began as a startup that we can understand your needs. Innovation is in our DNA and we are constantly challenging ourselves in order to provide you with the best possible service. Based on open-source technologies, our infrastructures allow you to build your solutions freely.

Our goal: to support you in your growth and the development of your project.

How to apply?


Create a new account or log in with your OVHcloud username


Explain your project and tell us what you need in the online form


We will check your eligibility for the program and come back to you within a week's time with a support plan adapted to your needs

Interested in joining the OVHcloud Startup Program?