Robust infrastructure

We have used our public Load Balancer services internally for a long time, for our own critical needs and services. Our services are also based on HAProxy open-source technology.

This free software, known for its high performance and stability, is one of the main cornerstones of web services such as Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, Instagram, AirBnB and many others (source:

We are proud to play a part in making open-source products widely available.

Maximum redundancy for your solution

Unlike the master/slave model, your Load Balancer is activated for several devices simultaneously, distributed and configured across distinct geographical regions that would not affect one another if any outages occurred. This way, we can guarantee maximum availability.

Our own worldwide network

With points of presence in 5 continents, we deliver innovative and secure digital infrastructures that are adapted to suit professionals, startups, small to medium businesses, and large accounts. We already have more than 1 million customers using our solutions in 138 countries.
To ensure high-speed connections, high-quality bandwidth and low latency, OVH decided to invest in its very own fibre optic network. Managed with DWDM technology, the OVH network has a total capacity of 11 Tbps.

OVH Load Balancers in figures

  • 150,000 HTTP/HTTPS requests per second
  • 2 million SSL certificates
  • More than 3 million websites
  • Processes 2,585,559 GeoTime series points for the metrics team
  • 40 Gb/s in, 60 Gb/s out

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