Load Balancers

Scale to meet your demand with any of our cloud solutions, in any of our datacentres.

The OVH Load Balancer distributes the load between your various services in our datacentres. With this service, you can scale your infrastructure to handle high volumes of traffic, gain a high fault tolerance, and provide optimal response times. All of this comes with a service that aims for Zero Downtime.

Guaranteed flexibility
Very high availability
24/7 support
Anti-DDoS protection
Free SSL included

Load Balancer Pack 1

 ex. VAT/month

Choose region

Load Balancer range

Technical specifications

2 TB included + additional usage (1)
10 farms included
1  month
vRack (private networks):
Advanced features:
Once you have exhausted the volume of traffic included with your pack, OVH will start applying a charge to your consumption. OVH will charge for each gigabyte of additional cumulative traffic (incoming and outgoing) used, at a rate of £0.023 ex. VAT/month.

Solution comparison table

Pack 1 Pack 2 Dedicated
Traffic Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Traffic included 2 TB 10 TB 100 TB
Private networks No Yes Yes
Resource Shared Servers Shared Servers Dedicated Servers
More info on quotas and other features
Requests per second Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Additional volume £0.023 ex. VAT £0.023 ex. VAT £0.023 ex. VAT
Maximum no. farms (back-ends) 10 100 1000
Maximum no. front-ends 2 20 200
Maximum no. servers/farm (front-ends) 10 10 100
Metrics (Monitoring) 1  month 12  month 12  month
Free DV SSL certificates included 10 100 10000
IP supplied IPv4 Yes IPv4 Yes IPv4 Yes
IPv6 Included Included Included
Anti-DDoS protection Included Included Included
HTTP/HTTPS/TCP protocol Yes Yes Yes
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Yes Yes Yes
Advanced probes No Yes Yes
Managed via Proxy Protocol Yes Yes Yes
Managed via OVH Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Managed via OVH API Yes Yes Yes
Managed via OpenStack API
(in compatible regions)
Yes Yes Yes
*Unlimited traffic usage beyond the limit included, 1 GB cumulative traffic (incoming and outgoing) used in excess of the amount included will be charged at a price of £0.023 ex. VAT/month

How it works


Which direction of traffic is accounted for in each pack?

All incoming and outgoing traffic is calculated.

Can I switch from one Load Balancer pack to another?

You can upgrade your solution to a higher version via your Control Panel, or by calling our support team.

Which services are compatible?

All OVH Cloud services are compatible with your Load Balancer: dedicated servers, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, VPS, etc.

Can I connect my Load Balancer to an IP outside of OVH?

This feature is not currently available. We are considering implementing it.

Why choose OVH?

Guaranteed flexibility

Very high availability

24/7 support

Anti-DDoS protection

Free SSL included