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Load Balancing IP API

Presentation of the new OVH Load Balancing IP API

Advantages of the Load Balancing IP API:

  • Control all the OVH Load Balancing IP functions
  • Clear and concise overview
  • RESTful technology, secure and controlled usage

A new, simple way of managing your load balancing strategy

OVH offers you a comprehensive and secure API that list all possible actions.

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A clear and documented RESTful API

The OVH RESTful API allows you to list all the administration actions on your network security categorically, on one page. Each function has a description, action buttons, and for developers, examples of code for integrating these functions into your scripts.

Ideal for developers

In addition to speedy management of your services, your OVH RESTful API offers many possibilities for automating certain tasks. You can integrate them into your developments and update the configuration of your application rules and policies... All with total simplicity, thanks to the RESTful design.

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