Dedicated Connect

A direct connection between your business network and your infrastructures outsourced to OVH

Use cases

Dedicated Connect gives you a secure high performance connection to your OVH private network (vRack).

The vRack can be combined with the Dedicated Cloud, dedicated servers Infrastructure, Storage and Big Data and very soon with our RunAbove Public Cloud service , offering you a huge range of outsourced infrastructures.

Have a look at some examples of hybrid or fully outsourced configurations:

OVH in data overflow

Take advantage of the Dedicated Cloud on-demand resources (hourly or monthly billing), or our Dedicated Servers' express delivery (monthly billing only).

OVH migration plan

Are you planning to migrate your infrastructure to OVH? By maximizing bandwidth and reducing latency, we make it easy to migrate your VMs and data, and you can keep your IP addressing plan.

Outsource your DRP/BCP with OVH

Use OVH Storage servers to back up your data, and take advantage of our flexible cloud solutions so that you can continue working, even if your main website is down.

Hybrid infrastructure

To give your business infrastructures and back office one of the best connections in the world, you can choose to keep them in-house and, at the same time, outsource your front end to OVH.

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