Dedicated Connect

A direct connection between your business network and your infrastructures outsourced to OVH

Why Dedicated Connect?

Dedicated Connect enables you to connect your business network to your OVH private network in complete isolation and security (OVH datacentres on a local and international scale.

guaranteed performances

See the usage scenarios

What are the prerequisites for Dedicated Connect?

Scenario A

Your business network is already connected with fibre to one of our points of presence (PoPs):

  • Request a cross-connection for the PoP operator (at an additional cost)

OVH vRack

Scenario B

Your business network is not physically connected with fibre to a PoP:

  • Interconnect your business network with one of the OVH PoPs closest to you. (We've signed partnership agreements with local operators who can help you and provide a cost estimate)

  • Request a cross-connection for the PoP operator (at an additional cost)

OVH dedicated connect

An affordable solution, simple pricing:

You can interconnect your PoP and OVH via Dedicated Connect for a monthly fee:

Sign up:

Dedicated Connect 10 Gbps*
Standard connection £212.50 excl. VAT/month
Redundant connection (high availability) £425.00 excl. VAT/month

Setup fees: £212.50 excl. VAT (or £255.00 incl. VAT)

Bandwidth: Included

*amount between 1 Gpbs and 10 Gbps, depending on the physical capacities of your services.

To order

Contact us:


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

(Local call rate)

List of our points of presence (PoP)

West Coast America
East Coast America

Country City/Address PoPs Availability
France Lyon Euratechnologie
France Paris TELEHOUSE TH2
France Paris GSW
France Paris EQX PA3 Our consultation
Netherlands Amsterdam GSW
Germany Frankfurt EQX FR5 Our consultation
Spain Madrid ESPANIX Our consultation
Spain Madrid TERREMARK Our consultation
Italy Milan MIX Our consultation
Italy Milan KPNQwest
Poland Warsaw LIM Our consultation
Poland Warsaw PLIX Our consultation
Country City/Address PoPs Availability
USA Los Angeles CORESITE Our consultation
USA San Jose EQUINIX SV5 Our consultation
USA Palo Alto EQUINIX SV8 Our consultation
USA Seattle EQUINIX SE2 Our consultation
Country City/Address PoPs Availability
USA Ashburn EQUINIX DC6 Our consultation
USA Chicago EQUINIX CH2 Our consultation
USA Dallas EQUINIX DA2 Our consultation
USA Miami TERREMARK Our consultation
USA Newark EQUINIX NY1 Our consultation
USA New York EQUINIX NY9 Our consultation
Country City/Address PoPs Availability
Canada Montreal COLOGIX MTL3
Canada Toronto EQUINIX TR1 Our consultation

Technologies and performance


When you use the internet, you don't have total control over the path that your data will use. Slowdowns and bottlenecks can impact the performance of the connection between your network and OVH's.

With Dedicated Connect, you have control over the entire path, and we take responsibility for ensuring that the connection retains availability and high performance from the interconnection point to our infrastructures (Arista is duplicated at every MLAG stage).

controlled trasmission

To connect you to vRack, your data will either pass via your own network or the network of your chosen operators, with whom you have a contractual agreement.

The vRack private network is built on architecture made up of the latest generation Cisco network hardware and supports up to 4000 VLANs (802.1).

High availability network

We offer you the option to double the interconnection between your network and ours, so you can rest assured that your service will remain functional, even in the event of hardware failure.

The connection to our PoPs can be therefore redundant on two ports, giving you maximum availability. Depending on the manufacturer, you can use EtherChannel, Port Channel, bundle or LAG type connections, with LACP protocol.

Details of the connection between your datacenter and the OVH private network:

Your datacentre is directly connected to one of our PoPs. Within the OVH network, we deploy a cross-connection to our Arista hardware. It's redundant at all points from the PoP to your OVH private network.