Sending SMS messages via the internet

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Sending SMS messages via the internet offers a range of possibilities

Want to send SMS messages to hundreds of contacts, schedule SMS marketing campaigns, or automate SMS sending at a low cost?
With SMS Gateway, find out how to harness all the possibilities offered by sending SMS messages via the internet.

By integrating this communication channel in to your online services, you can develop a close relationship with your audience and customise your communication with each of your contacts. Whether you are looking to send reminders, launch a marketing campaign or send an alert to your recipient, SMS Gateway offers a range of opportunities for addressing your audience.

Ensure smooth communication

Sending SMS messages via the internet offers a range of opportunities, such as scheduled sending to prepare in advance for an event and ensure that you do not forget it (birthdays, parties, etc.).
You can also define a display mode for your SMS (flash, standard or SIM) and customise your sender number.

Manage all your SMS message sending via the internet, manage your campaign's success in real time, and send SMS messages to more than 200 destinations at a very low price. Your SMS messages are sent online to the sender's operator. OVH has made agreements with more than 600 operators worldwide.

A fixed rate for all the countries you send to

With a fixed rate, you can forecast and evaluate the budget of your SMS campaigns. This way, you can manage the cost of your communications, wherever you are. The cost of sending to each destination is the same, no matter which country it is sent from. With the SMS Gateway, you do not have to worry about unexpected costs from sending SMS messages via the internet.

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Send SMS messages via the internet from different platforms

Email to SMS: send SMS messages via email

Send SMS messages from your mailbox. To do this, simply send an email to with your account settings, senders, and the message you want to send in the body of the email. You can also use advanced settings to manage the SMS type, and sending time.

HTTP to SMS: Send SMS messages via the web from a HTTP address

If you have an SMS account with OVH, you can send SMS messages from any web browser by entering your OVH SMS account settings into the URL bar, followed by the message.

Send SMS messages via Outlook

You can easily configure your Outlook to send SMS messages with your OVH account. The 'send SMS' feature is then integrated in to your software (compatible with Outlook for Windows 2007 and 2010 versions).


Use our API to integrate SMS communications into your websites and applications, and make SMS Gateway a complementary communication channel to solidify your relationship with your audience. Send automatic notifications at each key step of the customer journey, or replace 'audience' with your contacts.

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