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Perhaps you own a garage, and want to send your customers reminders via SMS for technical inspection dates. Or maybe you are a doctor, looking to ensure that your patients attend their appointments by sending them a reminder the day before. Or you might be running a cooking blog, and want to send one recipe a day to your community. Or you may run a security company, and monitor intrusions of the sites you monitor via SMS.
With automated SMS messages, you can send information to a group of senders simply, and at a low cost.

What are the advantages for recipients?

There are three reasons why SMS messages work well as alert solutions. They are sent, received and read instantly, they are accessible by almost everyone — even if they are on the move — and their concise structure makes them perfect for sharing vital information. They have a high reaction rate (SMS messages are read within a few seconds, while emails are read within 48 hours on average). They are also archived, so recipients can find the delivery address for their parcel, their order number, and much more.

Set up automated SMS messages

With our new API, you can integrate this feature into your internal CRM applications, for example — and into your databases.


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