VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension

Hybrid becoming reality: Application mobility and infrastructure hybridity for all types of vSphere cloud infrastructures

Seamlessly migrate your datacentre into the cloud

Hybrid Cloud Extension services offer high-performance, secure and optimised connections that guarantee large-scale application mobility across all types of on-premises vSphere infrastructures, and the OVH Private Cloud. Your newly-extended network will work the same way as your local one, and you will be able to migrate workloads without any downtime. The Hybrid Cloud Extension technology condenses multi-site resources, and presents them to applications as a continuous hybrid cloud, providing you with a true hybrid cloud infrastructure. You can also migrate VMware NSX security policies, in order to maintain the same security controls in the cloud.

Datacentre extensions, replacements, and business recovery: Explore the HCX solution

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  • The vMotion Hybrid Cloud Extension offers migrations in both directions, without any downtime, for all vSphere versions.
  • Management of a wide range of virtual machine (VM) migration types: Mass migration, partial migration and bi-directional migration.
  • Simplified migrations with an SaaS portal
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  • Mitigate risk with ultra-secure cloud migration via a proxy for vMotion, with the network extension and business recovery based on fully-secure applicative rules.
  • Security policies migrate with the applications, making protection easier once the migration is complete.
  • Resilient business recovery capacity that partly draws power from the wide area network (WAN) optimisation upstream, which can improve migration time by more than 45%.
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  • The L2 extension simplifies network connectivity between sites without dedicated connections
  • Avoid re-adapting your on-site environment to accelerate cloud integration
  • Optimisation of integrated WAN – customised to suit your needs in terms of hybrid cloud usage

Key features

Simple scheduling and advanced compatibility

You won’t need to upgrade your existing VM/vSphere environment or reallocate your IP addresses, which reduces the amount of initial scheduling and configuration required for a successful migration.

A premium, all-in-one business recovery plan

Relies on vSphere replication services to supply a premium, all-in-one BRP solution for vSphere environments.

L2 extended network

Make the cloud an extension of your on-site datacentre. In just a few clicks, you can set up and deconstruct fully-automated tunnels.

Simplified workload migrations

Migrate active workloads without any downtime. With the Hybrid Cloud Extension service, you also have the flexibility to use replication-based migration to mass-migrate VMs, with minimal downtime.

Cloud and local extension

Extend your networks by integrating on-site and off-site resources with easy migration, both to and from the cloud.

Software-controlled RAM

With intelligent routing, a selection of multi-level WAN pathways, and traffic management that takes replication and WAN optimisation technology into account, your connection to vCloud Air, powered by OVH, will look as though it is a part of your local network.

Security policy migration

Migrate your VMs to the cloud, and keep them on the same L2 extended network segment. To migrate your applications seamlessly, you can also migrate your security policies.

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