Artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Artificial intelligence opens up doors to a new world, which is closer to users and their needs. In terms of its usage, a revolution is unfolding...

OVH can support you by offering high-performance, flexible cloud infrastructures that can be adapted to suit your software. We also offer turn-key machine learning and deep learning solutions.

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Cloud infrastructures specially designed for AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence requires an enormously high computing capacity. Graphical processing units (GPUs) are unparalleled for such projects. OVH offers a wide range of dedicated and virtual servers, which are designed to support even the most resource-intensive computing tasks.

Public Cloud is compatible with NVIDIA Cloud GPU

Access a range of GPU-accelerated containers maintained by NVIDIA, and deploy them on our OVH cloud infrastructures. You can choose components from our entire hardware catalogue, including the latest GPU instances, powered by Tesla P100 cards.


With the NVIDIA Cloud GPU, artificial intelligence researchers can access high-performance containers that are specially optimised for the industry’s main software programs, including TensorFlow, PyTorch and MXNet. These pre-integrated, GPU-accelerated processors include all of the dependencies required, like the NVIDIA CUDA® runtime environment, NVIDIA libraries and a dedicated operating system. 

Public Cloud GPU Catalogue

OVH offers virtual servers with outstanding computing performance, which can be billed hourly or monthly. Coupled with our internal private network (vRack) and unlimited network traffic, you can quickly and easily create computing clusters.

From £0.457/hour ex. VAT

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Prescience Machine Learning Platform

Design, deploy and use machine learning models quickly, without having to worry about your platform’s infrastructure. This way, you can stay fully focused on your added value.


The quickest platform for deep learning. This solution offers: 8 interconnected NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, supporting the NVIDIA Cloud GPU layer, so that you can easily deploy containerised applications (TensorFlow, Caffe, Caffe2, Cuda8, cuDNN).

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