OVH deploys free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt

Roubaix, the 12th of July 2016

OVH deploys free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt

After a successful beta programme that ended last April the 14th, Let’s Encrypt certificates are now offered by OVH. With this new offering, OVH provides free SSL/TSL (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) certificates in an automated and simple way using an open-source solution.

OVH, a platinum sponsor of Let’s Encrypt, now offers “SSL as a Service”, a new functionality accessible to all its customers without requiring any technical knowledge. SSL certificates are included in all web hosting offers with the “HTTPS” protocol enabled by default and for free. Valid for 90 days, certificates will be automatically renewed without action on the user’s part.

Encrypted connections between a client and a web server are made possible thanks to a X509 (RSA 2048 bits and higher) certificate and the TLS standard. This reduces the risk of having personal or banking data intercepted. The display of a green lock in the navigation bar indicates that a site is secure and authenticated by a recognized certificate authority.

Another advantage of having an HTTPS enabled web site is improving its search ranking as encryption is now used by Google to rank its search results.

“We’re excited that OVH is helping to lead the way towards a more secure and privacy-respecting Web,” said Josh Aas, head of the Let’s Encrypt project. “Turning on HTTPS by default for over a million web sites is a big step forward.”

“HTTPS is now a must-have that provides credibility to site owners and secures their online presence,” said Sebastien Almiron, Web Hosting Product Manager at OVH. “With Let’s Encrypt, the certificate activation is fully automated and enabled by default. We are proud to provide the maximum number of customers free access to HTTPS without the need for any skill or action.”

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Lorine Schieber

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