OVH launches latest generation Cloud and SSD-based Virtual Private Servers in the UK

Roubaix, September 2 2015

OVH launches latest generation Cloud and SSD-based Virtual Private Servers in the UK

OVH’s VPS services offer guaranteed bandwidth of 100Mbps, anti-DDoS protection and a three-fold performance increase compared to standard VPS solutions.

OVH, the largest European Internet hosting company, has launched its latest generation of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in the UK, offering customers a choice of either a Solid State Drive-based (SSD) or a Cloud VPS.

OVH’s VPS services provide an evolutionary path between maintaining a dedicated server – either on customers’ premises or hosted in a datacentre – and the flexibility afforded by virtualisation. For many customers, OVH’s VPS services are a step up from traditional web hosting, giving them greater control and flexibility without having to move to a dedicated server immediately.

Cloud VPS

OVH’s Cloud VPS service will offer benefit from a three-fold performance increase compared to OVH’s Classic VPS range.

For new converts to OVH’s VPS offering, Cloud VPS will enable them to set up on the latest and fastest available technology, future proofing their VPS set up to avoid the cost and hassle of having to migrate data to a Cloud platform at a later date.

Cloud VPS is available in three configurations, ranging from 1 vCore, 2GB RAM and 25 GB storage to 4 vCores, 8GB RAM and 100GB storage. It guarantees a bandwidth of 100Mbps using NVMe Ceph drives which provide high availability, scalability and fault-tolerant storage to guarantee that Cloud VPS services stay up and running. This is further backed up by a 99.99% SLA commitment on the part of OVH.

Cloud VPS also features customisable anti-DDos protection, an OpenStack KVM, multi-protocol backups and snapshots. Automated backups will soon be available as a additional feature in the Cloud VPS range.


With the new SSD VPS, Solid State Drives come as an integral part of all VPS packages, making the systems more robust, with faster access times and reduced latency.

Compared to OVH’s previous VPS Classic range, a performance improvement of between 57% and 198% have been realised in standard benchmarks.

SSD VPS is available in three configurations, ranging from 2GB RAM and 10GB SSD to 8GB RAM and 40GB SSD. Each comes with customisable anti-DDoS protection, unlimited reboot and reinstallation, and an OpenStack KVM to manage the VPS.

Both types of VPS support Load Balancing to boost peak traffic performance, failover IP to ensure business continuity and IP geolocation to optimise local search rankings.

All of OVH’s services benefit from OVH’s ownership of the entire hosting and outsourcing process, from the assembly of its own servers to the production and the maintenance of its datacentres. Compared to other providers, this gives OVH greater control over availability, reliability and quality of the services it provides.

Hiren Parekh, OVH UK’s director of sales and marketing, commented: “Our new Cloud and SSD Virtual Private Servers underscore our ambition to bring the latest technology to the market at a highly competitive price. Our customers can rely on us to provide robust, highly available and secure services so they can focus on their business.”

Trevor Adams, Director of T&C Site Services Ltd and an OVH VPS customer added, “I chose OVH's VPS platform because it is the perfect balance of performance, flexibility and cost. I am able to customise each machine and automatically deploy my business applications. The OVH network helps me build my business and it has never let me down.”

About the OVH group

The OVH group was founded in 1999. It innovates at the very heart of the web, data centers and networks, and today it is a key player in the global cloud. Through its, So you Start, RunAbove, Kimsufi and hubiC brands, the OVH group offers simple and powerful tools and solutions which put technology at the service of business and significantly improve the working practices of its 700,000 customers around the world. As always, the company remains firmly committed to respect for the individual and freedoms, and equal opportunity of access to new technologies. For OVH, "Innovation is Freedom".

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