can now support online retailers in their security strategy - OVH Dedicated Cloud is now PCI-DSS certified

Roubaix, France - 25 August 2015 can now support online retailers in their security strategy - OVH Dedicated Cloud is now PCI-DSS certified

OVH group, the European leader in Digital as a Service, has just received the PCI DSS level 1 certification for its Dedicated Cloud solution. This is a continuation of the group's global strategy to gain recognition for the conformity of its services with best practices and international standards.

Issued by the Security Standards Council, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) gives assurance to banks and users of online services that companies that handle confidential payment card data comply with specific security requirements. OVH, which has already received the standard for its online payment system, has now been issued its second PCI DSS certification.

This means that OVH’s online retail customers will be able to install their payment applications onto a PCI DSS-certified cloud. This will also help them to get their own PCI-DSS certification more quickly, as OVH will have already validated some of the control points. The security of online transactions made by these online retailers' customers will also benefit from this certification.

A certified level of security
“We're constantly implementing and improving the physical and logical security procedures of our Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure,” said Thibaud Saudrais, Quality Assurance Manager for OVH group. “ISO 27001 concerns organisational security, SOC 1 & 2 type II attests the rigidity of our controls, and CSA certifies our compliance with best practices. PCI DSS is the first professional certification we've received for the Dedicated Cloud. This gives our customers another reason to put their trust in us and demonstrates OVH’s commitment in the fight against credit card fraud.”

The audit was carried out by management consulting firm Provadys. The firm analysed more than 2,500 records of compliance and conformity with the PCI DSS requirements in order to certify the level of security of the Dedicated Cloud solution.

OVH has also begun the steps to receive the official authorisations to host personal healthcare data in France (the HASP standard, issued by ASIP Santé), and in the United States (the HIPPA standard).

About OVH group is a specialist in cloud computing and web infrastructures. It offers innovative products and services across 4 universes: Web, Dedicated, Cloud, and Telecom (France only). Since its launch in 1999, the company has proven to be a valuable partner of several thousand professionals across the globe. OVH owes this success to its development model, which is based on innovation and full control of the hosting chain, from server production to infrastructure maintenance and providing support to its customers. is therefore able to guarantee stable and reliable solutions to its customers at the best value for money.

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