Datacentre review 2019 – step 1: Strasbourg, France, Central Europe

Strasbourg, 4 September 2018. We started the annual review of our infrastructures in Strasbourg, with our datacentres codenamed SBG 1, 2, 3 and 4. It took us just over a month to tour and inspect our 12 sites and 28 datacentres around the world. We were up against the deadline of our annual event, the OVH Summit on 18 October 2018 in Paris.

OVH Team

Why the tour?

Because the “New Year” at OVH is 1 September, the start of our fiscal year. So in line with tradition, we wanted to pay a visit to our family all over the world. It was a chance to take stock and see where we stand in our plans to grow and upgrade all our infrastructure. We met all the teams, took some time to look back at what’s been going on and shared a few of our "New Year’s resolutions". This is our way to kick off business for 2019. Of course, we also enjoyed a drink or two and a friendly meal with our colleagues. That’s all part of the fun.

What’s new at SBG?

Let's start with electricity, following the audit we launched for all our sites. In partnership with our supplier, we have secured the site's medium-voltage infrastructure. We have decoupled SBG 1 from SBG 2. Each datacentre’s electricity supply is now independently and efficiently secured. SGB3 has been designed with low-voltage generators and UPS chains fully independent of SBG 1, 2 and 4.

The site has 10 low-voltage generators in total, all tested monthly to make sure the site’s electricity supply is secure.

We have also launched the commissioning of the SBG3 datacentre. It boasts the latest OVH standards, in particular the new generators that supply part of its electricity (see photo below). SBG 3 will have a critical IT capacity of 4 MW and will be able to host up to 25,000 servers, which will almost double the current total capacity of the site.

Two of the 10 generators in the SBG 3 datacentre

Two of the 10 generators in the SBG 3 datacentre, each with 1,250 kVA and 48 hours of independent operating capacity at full load.



The opening of SBG 3 marks an important step in the development of this site. Because there is no shortage of projects. We were lucky enough to be able to lease, with an option to purchase, some adjacent land just opposite the site. This opens up new opportunities for expansion and many more possible solutions for the migration of SBG 1 and SBG 4.

Summer is fading and, for the teams, the season has gone well despite the heat wave. It is always a test for our infrastructures, as it is for all datacentres. Not to mention for the people who look after the machines day after day. During this first stopover in Strasbourg, I met a team of 30 determined, strongly united people. With OVH’s new quality standards in mind, they inspire me with great confidence for the growth of this site.

To meet the needs of our development in Strasbourg, we have already started hiring for infrastructure and IT technician positions. A good listener...

On Thursday, 7 September, we travelled to our datacentre in Limburg, Germany, for the second stage of our tour. It’s only a few milliseconds away from Strasbourg – by fibre-optic cable. It was only natural to travel between France and Germany on the same day that the two former world football champions met in Munich!