Datacentre review 2019 – step 2: Gravelines, France, Western Europe

Heading north for the next stage of our tour! We continued the tour of our infrastructures with a stop in the Gravelines datacentre (GRA). Just 60 kilometres from the OVH headquarters in Roubaix, GRA is one of the largest teams in the Industry Business Unit. There are 60 employees on site, spread over several technical teams and ensuring the site is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Gravelines datacentre team

The Gravelines datacentre team

Currently, the two datacentres (GRA 1 and GRA 2) can hold more than 85,000 servers.

The site at Gravelines is expanding from a total surface area of more than 9 hectares, including 20,000 square metres within buildings. To meet our growth and security needs, this year the site acquired an additional high-voltage electricity line. The electrical power is now at 40 MW (see photo below).

Gravelines High voltage electricity line

New server rooms have made it possible to meet the soaring growth in demand for this site. In the heart of Europe, GRA 1 and 2 are directly connected to Paris, London and Brussels. This allows us to achieve impressive latencies with these cities, where digital usage is growing exponentially.

To ensure the high availability of the entire site, each power supply is backed up by inverters in addition to being redundant. A generator set is systematically installed in parallel, as shown below.


On their side, OVH's R&D teams are also continuing to innovate, particularly with a view to improving the energy performance of datacentres. In this context, Gravelines should soon be enjoying some cutting-edge new technology. We’ll come back to that later, don’t worry. To be continued...