Why is OVH becoming OVHcloud?

In 2016, I began to realise how complex it is to offer such a wide range of products under a single brand. In fact, OVH offers not only domain names and web hosting for webmasters and digital agencies, but also dedicated servers for system administrators, a Public Cloud for developers, a Hybrid Cloud for companies... and those are just a few examples. In total, OVH offers 25 product ranges, and more than 92 commercial offerings and services encompassing over 1,000 product models. These are used by 1.4 million customers in 138 countries around the world. On top of the diversity of our product offerings, there’s the complexity of providing one unified customer support service by phone and email, in several languages.


In 2017, we worked hard to clarify what we wanted to offer our customers, partners and integrators. As a result, at the OVH Summit 2017 I announced the creation of three brands: OVHmarket, OVHspirit and OVHenterprise.


From now on, we are going to talk commercially about OVHcloud. The name will help people understand what exactly we do. OVHcloud includes the three brands, OVHmarket, OVHspirit and OVHenterprise. This is how we will communicate via the same brand, OVHcloud, and with the same products, all over the world. It is an ambitious choice — and I must admit, emotionally it wasn’t easy. We gave this a great deal of thought before we came to our decision. We had several doubts to start with. But after 20 years, I think that the OVH name should evolve to better reflect its international scope. It’s at that price that we will put all our resources into becoming a truly global company, with the aim of providing services all over the world.



The OVHmarket brand will only be available in Europe. It comprises products aimed at small- and medium-sized enterprises and industries, micro-enterprises and entrepreneurs in order to help them make the best use of digital technologies. This is where you can find all products relating to internet access, ADSL, SDSL, fibre optic for companies, “plug-and-phone” IP telephony services with preconfigured phones to rent or buy, more than 100 domain name extensions, DNS services, email and Exchange services, web hosting and even cloud-based web hosting.

As well as the products that we create and manage ourselves, we are working on integrating two types of products from our partners:

  • External products for digital invoicing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), digital marketing, etc., in order to help our customers make full use of their databases.
  • Service management products offered by our network of partners, such as assistance with configuring Exchange, customising WordPress, and updating PrestaShop.

We will progressively review customer relations on OVHmarket, and I will give more detailed updates on this soon.



OVHspirit is the original core of our business. We are renowned for offering a price-performance ratio that is well ahead of our competitors. OVHspirit will help us continue to play a leading role in the market in Europe and the US. It encompasses all our cloud products, such as dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS) and the Dedicated Cloud for system administrators. Our Kimsufi and So you Start products will also be here.

With OVHspirit, we intend to become even more competitive in terms of price. Our aim is to give our more price-sensitive customers the choice to pay only for what they need. We will, of course, clearly explain the scope and limits of the service offered. With our 28 datacentres in 12 locations across Europe, the US, Canada and Asia, we seek to offer a range of VPS and Dedicated Cloud servers at the most attractive prices possible in that location, wherever our datacentres happen to be located. By adjusting availability times, for example, we will be able to reduce prices by an extra 4 or 5%.

OVHspirit customers are technical experts in their fields. They don’t contact our support service to understand a product, or get help using Linux. They simply want fast support in the event of an incident. To be totally transparent, everyone will be able to choose the amount they pay according to the level of support they wish to have. I will go into more detail about OVHspirit in a future blog post.



We wish to offer a service with absolutely no compromises for customers who desire quality above all else, and for whom price is not the most important factor. In 2006, we developed our first HG range of dedicated servers aimed at precisely these customers. Then in 2013, we then created the Dedicated Cloud, based on our vSphere as a Service.

We are currently working on a Public Cloud offer for OVHenterprise. With the migration of all our APIs to the OpenStack API, our Public Cloud will be in line with market standards, and customers will be able to use it for Terraform, Ansible, etc. with the ecosystem’s open-source code. By using these standard APIs internally, and thanks to the microservice principle, we are accelerating the time we take to design and create innovative technology. I’ll talk more about this in a future blog post.

In order to really push the boundaries of quality, we have implemented a new standard that includes certifications such as ISO 27000, PCI-DSS and SecNumCloud. This enables us to offer a private cloud suitable for all of the company’s critical missions. The customer is totally separated from all others, and can ask us to deploy all their cloud services within this wholly private environment.

For OVHenterprise, we wish to provide our customers with three levels of support:

  1. The first level is included in the price, and consists of support for incidents only. We will fix any issues very quickly, but we will no longer offer advice on using our products at this level.
  2. The second level allows users to benefit from guidance on using multiple products as well as incident support for solutions that are, by definition, much more complex to monitor and maintain.
  3. The third level of support is aimed at companies that use OVHenterprise products and solutions as a result of tenders, and that require specific day-to-day support. It is often related to highly complex infrastructures, like a Hybrid Cloud between the customer’s datacentres, OVH and sometimes our competitors. Again, I will go into more detail about OVHenterprise in a future blog post.


All three brands will be launched in the coming months on our websites in Europe, Canada and the US. In order to avoid any confusion, we have decided to gradually migrate all OVH websites on to one single site. From now on, all our solutions will be available via OVHcloud.com for Europe, Canada and the US. We will think and act like a world-class company to make the OVH experience unique, to be a leader in every one of our fields, and to demonstrate in all circumstances that we can live up to our commitments and our responsibilities. We want to be an alternative tech giant.