The 22-01-2019

OVH & Oliphant – OVH fibre pilot

Welcome to Into the Cloud! In these friendly conversations, we highlight the unique journeys of our customers and partners. We’ll go behind the scenes of their projects, and discover the secrets of their achievements...Frédéric Patron is the manager of Oliphant, the communications agency, and a loyal OVH partner. In this video, he tells us about his experiences as an OVH 'fibre pilot', and also explains...

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The 22-01-2019

Designing for our customers, with our customers

We are constantly renewing the information on our websites. We want to make your experience better and better. But when interfaces change, and new products and features appear, finding your way around can become confusing. “Where do I find out X or Y?” “How do I do Z in this new interface?”We want our thinking to be in line with what you need to use and how you like to use it. So every month at OVH,...

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The 17-01-2019

How do we exploit the business opportunities of big data?

Welcome to Into the Cloud!In these friendly conversations, we highlight the unique journeys of our customers and partners. We’ll go behind the scenes of their projects, and discover the secrets of their achievements...In today’s chat, Emmanuel Guiffroy, Solutions Architect at Publicis ETO, explains why he chose OVH's Private Cloud to develop a production big data platform that would meet his client’s...

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The 17-01-2019

Why OVH Managed Kubernetes?

Using Kubernetes is a great experience, operating it in production is way less simple. And building a managed Kubernetes platform is even worse…In November 2018 we released the beta version of our Managed Kubernetes service. It was the outcome of a journey that took us from Kubernetes users to build a fully managed Kubernetes service, become a certified Kubernetes platform and learn lots of things...

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The 13-11-2018

The new European regulation on the free movement of non-personal data, an important step in the battle against vendor lock-in practices

On 9 November 2018, the reform on the free flow of non-personal data in the EU was adopted. Described as the "fifth freedom" – after the freedom of people, goods, services and capital – the “framework for the free flow of non-personal data in the European Union” supplements the recent GDPR. For IT infrastructure providers in the cloud, this regulation will be implemented through a European code of...

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The 18-10-2018

#OVHSummit 2018 : keynote of Octave Klaba, Founder, Chairman of OVH

Hey! Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th OVH Summit. I've been dreaming of playing Metallica in front of you for years. Man, it’s just so great! I hope you like it too – it’s one of my favourite bands. So there you go. That’s done. Let's get down to business.Seeing you every year means a lot to us. To me. It’s a really special occasion to show you what we’ve done and where we’re going, and to get...

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The 18-10-2018

#OVH Summit 2018: product announcements

On Thursday, 18 October 2018, OVH brought together its entire ecosystem for the 6th OVH Summit. Octave Klaba, President and Founder of OVH, kicked off by sharing his vision of a different type of cloud. He announced the launch of four product universes, tailored to four different types of OVH customer, as well as the way they interact with its products and services. These four universes, which will...

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The 17-10-2018

Datacentre review 2019 – step 4: Erith, United Kingdom, Northern Europe

In this step of our datacentre review, we visit the London suburb of Erith, to chat to the local datacentre teams. The Erith datacentre is very different from its neighbouring mega-datacentre in Gravelines. With site development now coming to a close, it is also one of OVH’s newest datacentres.An overview of ErithThe Erith site has served as a fully-fledged datacentre since June 2017, when it started...

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The 10-10-2018

Datacentre review 2019 – step 3: Beauharnois, Canada, North America

Our series of infrastructure reviews is continuing across the Atlantic, with our Canadian datacentre in Beauharnois.Beauharnois is a small town of around 13,000 people, lying 40km southwest of Montreal in eastern Canada. It takes its name from the Marquis de Beauharnois, who was granted a seigneurial concession by French King Louis XV and served as Governor of New France between 1726 and 1747. This...

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The 04-10-2018

Hot-migrating datacentres – we did it!

Upgrading from versions that are no longer supported, extending or replacing a datacentre, implementing a disaster recovery plan — there are many reasons for moving workloads between different datacentres. And it has never been so quick and easy to switch from the US West Coast to the East Coast or from Amsterdam to Limbourg. In just a couple of clicks, workloads can be sent between different datacentres...

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The 02-10-2018

Datacentre review 2019 – step 2: Gravelines, France, Western Europe

Heading north for the next stage of our tour! We continued the tour of our infrastructures with a stop in the Gravelines datacentre (GRA). Just 60 kilometres from the OVH headquarters in Roubaix, GRA is one of the largest teams in the Industry Business Unit. There are 60 employees on site, spread over several technical teams and ensuring the site is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.The Gravelines...

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The 01-10-2018

IOPS up to 10 times faster with the OVH Public Cloud

Good news for all those who take advantage of our Public Cloud to store large amounts of data: we have deployed hardware and software optimisations that will ultimately allow us to deliver improved performance across all instances and regions. The gain is far from minor: on a type B2-7 instance, for example, we go from 2,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS) to 20,000 IOPS – more than 10 times...

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The 21-09-2018

Cloud Act impact on OVH customers

A recent legal development has excited lawyers because of its complexity and its potentially far-reaching consequences: the so-called Cloud Act that was signed into law by President Trump on 23 March 2018. I figured that if I could make the Cloud Act, and its impact for OVH’s clients, understandable even to non-lawyers, then it would prove that the rest is also possible!So what is the Cloud Act and...

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The 19-09-2018

How to make sure SMS messages are routed properly

Who has never received an SMS from a company, be it promoting a sale or tracking an order? In 2017, the French A2P (Application to Person) SMS market reached 4.5 billion messages, representing an increase of more than 20 percent compared to 2016. How can we ensure that each message safely reaches its destination? Since 2011, the Telecom branch of OVH has been offering a successful SMS distribution...

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The 14-09-2018

Datacentre review 2019 – step 1: Strasbourg, France, Central Europe

Strasbourg, 4 September 2018. We started the annual review of our infrastructures in Strasbourg, with our datacentres codenamed SBG 1, 2, 3 and 4. It took us just over a month to tour and inspect our 12 sites and 28 datacentres around the world. We were up against the deadline of our annual event, the OVH Summit on 18 October 2018 in Paris.Why the tour?Because the “New Year” at OVH is 1 September,...

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The 14-09-2018

How to reconcile ITIL and agile approaches to managing infrastructures

To manage our infrastructures at OVH, we have deployed the ITIL* set of best practices. It's important to note that we are an agile organisation and use SCRUM concepts in developing our services. The ITIL framework has become essential in the field of IT service management all over the world. On the other hand, it is also often considered cumbersome and prone to drag down an organisation by robbing...

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The 11-09-2018

How we define roadmaps for 2,500 employees: QRWeek

The tech sector is transforming at breakneck speed. To stay ahead of the race, you need to be agile and able to continuously adapt to new innovations and customer needs. Super-agility and a customer-centric vision are essential to sustain OVH’s hypergrowth. At OVH we work transversally, i.e. across functions and not in departmental silos. But we are expanding rapidly, and are now operating on four...

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The 11-09-2018

R&D and customer feedback drive upgrades to OverTheBox

What started as a proof of concept for aggregating internet connections in order to provide better bandwidth has become an increasingly essential solution to support cloud usage, which requires high bandwidth, and to bridge the digital divide. So much so that OverTheBox has recently come out with a new version."What makes me most proud is that OverTheBox (OTB) is purely the result of our own R&D project,...

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The 04-09-2018

Infrastructure as code: Creating a multi-regional blog with Terraform on the OVH Public Cloud – Part 2

Welcome to the second post in our series of articles covering IaC with Terraform. In our first post, we laid out the groundwork for our project. It’s now time to get started configuring an instance, and see how we can use it to put a blog online!In a field where DevOps predominantly hold the most expertise, it makes sense to patch an infrastructure the same way you would correct lines of code, with...

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The 03-09-2018

Our new site in Croix: a world-class factory for the production of servers

2018 marks an important year for OVH with the opening of a brand new site for the Manufacturing and Logistics teams in Croix, near the Roubaix headquarters in northern France. It is a showcase for the group's know-how, innovation and mindset, says Guillaume Hochart, Project Manager. Modernising the entire production chain is one of his missions.Why this project to create a new site for the Manufacturing...

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The 29-08-2018

Rally: from benchmarking to continuous improvement

Our aim to maintain high quality levels while continuously improving our offers means we have to be able to define and measure quality, detect variations and investigate any deteriorations.To achieve this, we have identified two major points on OpenStack (the solution behind our Public Cloud) that we consider essential to the customer experience:using the OpenStack API via OpenStack clients, libraries...

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The 24-08-2018

How OVH practises frugal innovation

I joined OVH in September 2017. I’m a specialist in innovation financing, and my main priority at the moment is bringing value to research and development activities. What really makes us stand out is that innovation comes from everywhere within the company, and exists in different forms. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of frugal innovation, see why it is a good fit with our company culture,...

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The 14-08-2018

OVH – L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) / Foreshadow disclosure

We were recently informed by our partners at Intel of the discovery of a new vector of the "speculative execution side-channel" type, named L1TF / Foreshadow and based on the same concept as the Spectre and Meltdown flaws discovered in January and May 2018. What is L1TF ?Called "L1 Terminal Fault" (L1TF) – or "Foreshadow" – this vulnerability concerns CPUs with SMT technology (also known as “hyper-threading”...

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The 14-08-2018

OVH and OVH US: Working together

OVH and OVH US: Working togetherWith the launch of OVH US, the group has established a presence in the world’s largest, most mature market. This represents a real challenge, especially for a company whose growth has been purely organic so far. The stakes are high, but particularly motivating because everyone has something to gain: the group, its growth and its customers, as explained by Russell Reeder,...

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The 02-08-2018

Reinforcing protection for customer accounts

Since January 2017, the Security team at OVH have been trying out new methods to secure customer accounts, and detect any attempts to compromise their security. After a year of research and development, we have started rolling out a new algorithm. We would now like to explain what we have set up.  When you log in to the OVH Control Panel, you may have already received an email containing a code that...

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The 31-07-2018

OVH network capacity has hit 15 terabits per second!

OVH has deployed, operated and maintained its own fibre optic network since 2006. It connects 32 points of presence (PoP) around the world. How does this infrastructure benefit our customers? Why do we need to keep developing it continuously? And what does “network capacity” mean? Read on to find out. What exactly does “network capacity” mean?All of our 28 datacentres are connected to the internet...

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The 27-07-2018

The Digital Launch Pad takes off

Our support programme for startups, the OVH Digital Launch Pad, will soon celebrate its third birthday. Time to look at its achievements so far... Let’s start by looking at the numbers and picking out a couple of key figures. Of the 5,000 startups that applied to the programme, we have accepted more than 1,500. We have supported them in over 120 countries, with more than 500 hours of technical support....

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The 23-07-2018

vRack migrations and the new challenges of infrastructure

vRack technology has been offered by OVH since 2009 to establish private connections between servers, whether they are hosted in one datacentre or several. Over the last 10 years or so, vRack has undergone considerable development, in order to keep adapting to the latest technological transformations and changing customer requirements. We are now in the process of deploying version 3.0, and sat down...

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The 20-07-2018

Why is OVH becoming OVHcloud?

In 2016, I began to realise how complex it is to offer such a wide range of products under a single brand. In fact, OVH offers not only domain names and web hosting for webmasters and digital agencies, but also dedicated servers for system administrators, a Public Cloud for developers, a Hybrid Cloud for companies... and those are just a few examples. In total, OVH offers 25 product ranges, and more...

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The 19-07-2018

From sheet metal to connected server (1)

With my teams, we manage the infrastructures that support OVH. We design and deploy the datacenters, the servers and the network. Through this series of blog articles, you can join me in discovering the "heart of the matrix", and get a better understanding of how our model works. I’ll start by telling you the story of a guy from the North of France, who went to work in Silicon Valley before joining...

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The 13-07-2018

Infrastructure as code: Creating a multi-regional blog with Terraform on the OVH Public Cloud – Part 1

Terraform, developed by HashiCorp, is a very popular solution for those who are looking to build and orchestrate an architecture efficiently using Infastructure as Code (IaC). In this article series, we will give a concrete demonstration of the benefits of using this tool with the OVH Public Cloud to deploy a high-availability, multi-regional website. Your mission, should you choose to accept it,...

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The 12-07-2018

Increasing service quality without slowing down innovation: the challenge faced by CSDO

I joined OVH in spring 2017, as Chief Service Delivery Officer (CSDO). I was invited, along with the entire Run team to the company’s COMEX, to discuss the quality of the services delivered. Naturally, this subject is already a key element of the OVH strategy.In computing terms, Run refers to the action of running a routine or program. By extension, this term is used at OVH for the teams responsible...

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The 10-07-2018

Company culture: how do we explain and cultivate it, and what mistakes should really be avoided?

It is often said that to build a large company, you need to develop a company culture first. It’s true. Company culture is the frame of mind that employees share, it’s their way of interacting with customers, it’s the reason why a company exists, and it’s the purpose behind all the actions we take. It’s a set of factors that make employees look forward to getting up every morning, inspire trust from...

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The 06-07-2018

Work@OVH: The workplace as-a-service

By inventing its own professional spaces, OVH has chosen to adapt its workplace to suit the company’s different professions and ways of working, not the other way round. Led by Fanny Villez, the Real Estate team has studied employee needs, and based new workspaces around them.A high-quality workplace environment is absolutely essential for employees to feel a sense of belonging in their office space,...

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The 29-06-2018

Infrastructure as code: Using Terraform with the OVH Public Cloud

Yann Degat, Solutions Architect at OVH, already had a rich variety of experience before he joined OVH’s Public Cloud team. Having previously worked as a Technical Innovation Manager at the French travel company Oui SNCF (previously known as Voyages SNCF), the Java-trained developer became a DevOps several years ago. And for the last five years that he has spent building cloud infrastructures for start-ups...

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The 27-06-2018

How do we create Europe’s tech champions?

Every year for the last 18 years, OVH has been put to the test. The main challenge: managing our growth over the next 12 months. It is our job to be disruptive. We are revolutionising the cloud – especially Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) – to enable our customers to harness the power of digitalisation. Increasing volumes of different types of data drive constant...

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The 22-06-2018

OVH has reinforced its contractual commitments with regard to personal data protection

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. OVH took this opportunity to update its terms and conditions of service, and include an appendix on personal data protection.In July 2017, OVH S.A.S. had already updated its General Terms and Conditions of Service in France, in anticipation of the GDPR deadline.  But as the GDPR deadline date approached, we also wanted...

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The 18-06-2018

Managing traffic spikes during the 2018 World Cup with the OVH Public Cloud

As the FIFA World Cup kicks off in 2018, websites dedicated to the national sport will experience their highest traffic spikes. Nicolas Capeyron created Sysadmin Badass in 2009. His job is to administer web-oriented servers and manage his customers’ infrastructure architectures: e-commerce websites, tourism websites and SaaS-based software publishers. For one of this customers, French internet media...

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The 11-06-2018

The sky is not the limit! There is a gold mine of space data in the OVH Public Cloud

OVH is reaching for the stars. OVH’s Public Cloud solution, adopted by the European Space Agency via its partner SERCO, is set to host the data from the Copernicus Project in order to promote uses involving satellite imaging. There are dozens of petabytes of new data at stake for developers to analyse!The Copernicus Project is the most ambitious Earth observation programme to date. This initiative...

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The 16-04-2018

Parity in the tech sector: where are all the women?

The numbers could not be clearer: parity between men and women is still a long way off in the tech industry. How can we move past the stereotypes and encourage women to take an interest in careers in information technology? Initiatives have already been launched, and OVH, like other major firms in the digital sector, is committed to doing its part, in the form of an appropriate recruitment policy...

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The 25-05-2018

Ready, set, GDPR! (Part 1: Domain names)

As the deadline approaches for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) implementation,

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The 14-05-2018

vRack 3.0: the OVH private network, intensively redesigned to continue anticipating IT project requirements

As a cloud services provider operating its own datacentres and network, OVH has a privileged position when it comes to observing and anticipating usage in terms of traffic.

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The 30-01-2018

“The challenges of the cloud, as the hidden face of digital services, should be made known to European citizens.”

The cloud is the foundation used by the businesses of the new economy to offer their services. In the last few years, it has brought about a lot of innovative breakthroughs, but still remains the hidden face of the digital revolution, overlooked by the general public. And yet it presents some important issues, particularly in terms of protecting and processing personal data. Xavier Perret explains...

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The 16-03-2017

OVH at the London 2018 Cloud Expo

It’s been a busy year for OVH since the 2017 Cloud Expo in Paris, especially with the launch of

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The 25-01-2018

The years go by, the threat remains: DDoS attacks observed by OVH in 2017

DDoS attacks made the headlines several times in 2016. There was that record attack on one of our customers in September 2016, then the one targeting the blog of investigative journalist Brian Krebs. In 2017, DDoS attacks weren’t in the media spotlight quite as often. But that doesn’t mean that they have stopped. On the contrary, our 2017 figures show just how much distributed denial of service attacks...

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The 12-01-2018

OVH Payment Infrastructure Obtains PCI DSS 3.2 Certification

On 23rd June, as a Level 1 payment service provider, OVH once again received its Certificate of Compliance for PCI DSS version 3.2. This Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is one of the most demanding in terms of confidentiality and data protection. The OVH Payment Infrastructure PCI DSS starter pack is compliant with it for the third year in a row.

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The 18-/2-10/0

Isaac Getz: “As a customer, I feel more comfortable entrusting my data to a freedom form company”

Isaac Getz is Professor of Leadership and Innovation at ESCP Europe business school. He is the co-author of the 2009 book

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The 24-01-2018

[UX Labs] OVH Chatbot: artificial intelligence in support of customer experience

As part of the OVH UX Labs, a new R&D collaborative space dedicated to improving user experience, we’re happy to give you the details on our very first project: the OVH virtual assistant. Now available through

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The 18-/2-15/0

OVH wishes you all the best for 2018, and presents its ambitions for this year

Can you still accelerate when you already think you’re going full-speed ahead? The answer is yes. In 2017, OVH had a lot of news to share. Our teams were able to learn from both the successes and challenges we experienced, so that we could strengthen the building blocks for our cloud solutions to infinity (internationally) and beyond (because innovation never stops). We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive...

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The 10-01-2018

Spectre and Meltdown: an explanation of the 3 security vulnerabilities and the measures required to protect your services against them (for IT specialists)

Since the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities were discovered on the x86-64 processors and publicly announced last week, the IT sector has been working hard to find ways of resolving their security issues. First of all, we needed to protect all computer hardware against the possibility of these vulnerabilities being exploited. Then we needed to measure the impact of these patches on system performance...

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The 04-01-2018

Meltdown, Spectre bug impacting x86-64 CPU - OVH fully mobilised

Like all IT industry players, OVH has been informed of security vulnerabilities on x86-64 processors, which were exposed by security researchers. These vulnerabilities make it possible to carry out, on a large-scale, a type of attack (side-channel attacks) that up until now has been infrequent due to the complexity of implementation.

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The 20-11-2017

#OVHSummit 2017: keynote speech by Octave Klaba, founder and CEO of OVH

Read the speech by Octave Klaba, founder and CEO of OVH. Keynote address to the 2017 OVH Summit on 17th October 2017, in Paris.

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The 13-10-2017

Anti-DDoS technologies: why OVH must keep investing heavily to ensure the best protection for customers

A race against time. That’s how we should see the battle OVH has been fighting for years to protect customers from increasingly frequent, increasingly intense DDoS attacks. To resist the attacks of tomorrow, including those bigger than we can even imagine today, we have to invest heavily in our DDoS mitigation technologies. Read on to find out why.

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The 18-10-2017

#OVHSummit 2017: Why OVH stands for an ‘open’ cloud model

Presentation by Laurent Allard, Vice-Chairman of the OVH Group, leading its strategic development - at the OVH Summit 2017 keynote, on 17th October 2017 in Paris.

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The 29-09-2017

Will the EU Data Protection Regulation put Whois at risk?

The Whois database enables any internet user to identify domain name registrants. The future of this widely-used and sometimes controversial “public internet directory” is now uncertain, due to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Some registries, such as AFNIC in France (which manages the .fr domain name), have implemented mechanisms to restrict the sharing of domain owner data....

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The 07-11-2017

OVH accelerates with OpenStack

On Friday, the 9th of June, three leading figures from the OpenStack Foundation paid a visit to OVH’s European headquarters in Roubaix, in northern France. Jonathan Bryce (@jbryce, Executive Director), Mark Collier (@sparkycollier, COO) and Thierry Carrez (@tcarrez, Vice President of Engineering) came to meet some of the team behind the OVH Public Cloud. With over 15,000 instances and 100 petabytes...

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The 07-11-2017

The Cloud is the future. But what is the future of the Cloud? (Part 1)

Part 1: A closer look at cloud users. Who are they? What are their needs? What challenges will they face in the years to come?

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The 12-06-2017

Liegey Muller Pons: the French startup that is helping politicians in Europe go knocking on the right door

Liegey Muller Pons, a French startup named after its three founders, is using data science to help politicians and political parties improve their electoral strategy. Inspired by the United States, the approach is unfamiliar to the general public in a country like France, despite being used by almost all the candidates in the 2017 French presidential elections. We take a closer look at this project...

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The 08-06-2017

How to choose the cloud that suits your needs

The idea of entrusting your sensitive data to a third party was still unthinkable just a few years ago. Today, many companies are outsourcing their information system to cloud providers. With the wide range of offerings on the market, however, choosing a provider can rapidly become a challenge. To help guide you through this choice, Mehdi Bekkai, product manager of cloud computing at OVH, shares his...

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The 24-05-2017

WannaCry: Dry your tears, but stay vigilant!

The recent WannaCry pandemic mostly affected workstations within businesses, but servers running outdated versions of Windows were not immune either. What action can a host take when it is up against an attack like this? There is no easy answer to this question. Responsibility essentially lies with the users: they alone are in a position to keep their systems up to date. Nevertheless, we at OVH made...

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The 23-05-2017

Recap of the OVH presentations given at the OpenStack Summit in Boston

From the 8th to the 11th of May, a team from OVH attended the biannual OpenStack community summit. We shared our experience as a Public Cloud provider, especially via two presentations which you can now re-watch.

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The 16-05-2017

OVH enters the Cloud Spectator 2017 rankings – and is placed 1st in Europe, ahead of the main US players in this sector

In its first appearance among the Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers, OVH takes 1st place in Europe and rises to 2nd place in North America, ahead of the main US players. The result validates a public cloud business model that compromises neither on performance nor on price competitiveness.

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The 10-05-2017

How OVH protects its customers against SYN flood attacks

Each day OVH detects and mitigates over 1500 attacks against its customers’ servers. About one third of these attacks are "SYN flood" attacks. This particular technique, aiming to achieve a denial of service (DoS), uses the characteristics of the TCP protocol.

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The 09-05-2017

OpenStack: The Issue of Staying Close to the Upstream Production Code and Pushing Code Back to the Community

Managing a large-scale infrastructure, such as OVH’s OpenStack-based Public Cloud, requires constant maintenance while meeting customer needs and expectations. What’s more, OpenStack is always releasing new versions and customers demand more and more features. This is a huge challenge requiring smart management from the provider. Here are the main points from today’s conference given at Boston’s OpenStack...

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The 05-05-2017

Public Cloud Archive: the OVH recipe for reducing your cold data storage costs

To expand its storage services, OVH has developed Public Cloud Archive: a long-term Cloud storage solution at one of the lowest prices on the market. Which technology is behind this service? How does it guarantee data durability? Can hot data automatically be transferred to the archive after a set period of time? Answers with Romain Le Disez, Project Technical Lead and Xavier Lucas, DevOps.

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The 05-05-2017

#WeAreOpenStack: OVH at the OpenStack Summit 2017 in Boston

From the 8th-11th of May, the biannual conference for the OpenStack community will be held in Boston, USA. A team from OVH, which ranks among the biggest Public Cloud providers based on this open-source technology, will attend and share their experience, as well as benefit from the experience of other users. It's the chance to strengthen the ties that OVH has forged with the OpenStack community over...

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The 06-03-2017

OVH reorganises its governance to support new acceleration phase

• Octave Klaba is appointed CEO and retains his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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The 01-05-2017

OVH at CES 2017: supporting innovation, this is our mission

For the second consecutive year, OVH is attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The fiftieth edition of the event takes place on the 5th to 8th of January, and has become the world showcase of technological innovation in all sectors. Octave Klaba, founder and CTO of OVH, flew to Nevada with the Digital Launch Pad teams. CES is a chance to spot emerging trends and the subsequent needs...

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The 23-12-2016

OVH to open its first UK datacentre

OVH, the European cloud leader, has chosen the inner suburbs of London as the location for its first of three datacentres planned for the United Kingdom. This first datacentre, with a capacity of 40,000 servers is expected to be operational by the end of May 2017.

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The 16-/2-19/1

The first of three OVH datacentres in Germany will be located near Frankfurt

The 21st datacentre of the group will be set up in Limburg, less than a millisecond from Frankfurt. OVH just acquired a building with a capacity of 45,000 servers, located very close to a major node of the German electrical grid. As the first of three datacentres to be implemented in Germany by the European cloud leader, the Limburg location will allow customers in the D-A-CH zone (Germany, Austria...

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The 16-.2-23.1

Black Friday in Europe

Black Friday is fast approaching! A major event for many years in North America, this day of deals is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. To get you ready for the 25th of November, here are some figures showing how Black Friday impacts European e-tailers.

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The 16-/2-05/1

The DDoS that didn't break the camel's VAC*

For a little over a week, OVH has been in the public eye, with two different sets of eyes, that is. On one hand, the watchful eye of hundreds of thousands of comprised IP cameras used to cause the largest DDoS attack ever recorded - which was withstood well by OVH. On the other hand, journalists from all over the world with their own cameras, eager to learn more about this off-the-chart attack, its...

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The 19-09-2016

The bank of tomorrow is being invented… in Africa

It is rumored that Amazon and Alibaba wish to develop a payment technology that uses facial recognition. Mastercard and La Banque Postale are reported to be working, respectively, on heart rate authentication and on a solution leveraging voice recognition. Which one of these competing technologies will prevail? It is hard to predict, but one thing is for sure—the chip card, which was invented in...

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The 09-05-2016

Green spin: new technologies to promote precision farming

What is the ideal time for sowing and harvesting? How much fertilizer is needed? Is the use of pesticides justified? Mofato, the new web application developed by the German startup Green spin, can provide farmers with specific recommendations for every single field, thus optimising their work. Green spin’s algorithms analyse satellite images as well as weather and ground data from the last 15 years....

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The 12-08-2016

The connected cube that brings happiness

Since last June, tiny connected boxes by GreenMe have started to colonise open work spaces across France. The goal of the cube, developed and produced in France, is relatively simple – to monitor the comfort level of working employees while improving conditions and reducing energy consumption of the buildings being monitored.

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The 29-07-2016

Gamping: wilderness camping in gardens and backyards

Since 2013, Gamping has been connecting thousands of property owners with campers, looking for somewhere to pitch their tents. The Airbnb of camping is now making its way across Europe.

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The 10-28-2016

Yousign: Putting a Stop to the Outdated Hand-Written Signature

The electronic signature has long been recognised as legal, but it is still rarely used. Yousign, a startup supported by OVH's Digital Launch Pad programme, aims to change this through a SaaS solution that is as easy to use as it is to integrate into third-party applications.

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The 23-09-2016

OVH Virtual Cloud Desktop: what sets it apart from the competition?

OVH has launched its Virtual Cloud Desktop and Cloud Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offerings. Why did OVH use VMware's Horizon solution to build these solutions, and what platform are they based on? Get the answers from François Loiseau, Senior Cloud Architect within the team that designed these solutions.

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The 23-09-2016

Why has OVH waited until now to launch its Virtual Cloud Desktop solution?

For almost ten years now, we have been speaking about the virtual desktop as a symbol of modern computing. And we predict, nearly each year, its imminent widespread use in business... without reaching the desired effect. Mobility, security, cost reduction and flexibility — the right reasons for implementation have not changed significantly. The same goes for the underlying technologies — though they...

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The 12-07-2016

OVH: your free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt

It left beta a few weeks ago, and now the Let’s Encrypt service is available at OVH! The aim is to provide free SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) certificates which are recognised by nearly all browsers, in a simple and automated way, via an open source client.

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The 04-07-2016

Bug Bounty - "Help us reinforce our security!"

The programme for reporting bugs on OVH infrastructures is accessible to all at The objective: to continually improve the security of the services offered by the European cloud leader.

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The 07-06-2016

OVH is ISO 27017 Compliant

OVH has implemented a series of best practices to comply with the ISO 27017 standard for cloud security.

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The 08-06-2016

How OVH expand in the USA while preserving its European identity

Among the largest cloud providers in Europe, all are American, except one, OVH. This unique position on the European map means that OVH can guarantee that its customers are not subject to US law, most notably the Patriot Act. Accordingly, in 2011, OVH established itself in Quebec, Canada, in order to offer services in North America while remaining exempt from the Patriot Act. OVH is currently working...

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The 27-04-2016

Take part in the auction of .bio addresses!

On the 10th of May, 2016, the public will be able to bid on 15 “premium” .bio names. These are short, generic and easily identifiable words which are likely to improve your ranking and visibility on the Internet.

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The 04-21-2016

Web hosting: choose the runtime environment that suits you

Having the ability to change the runtime environment of your websites is a major development. Now, it is possible to change the software environment of your website or CMS, even while the website is live. This means that if you have a web hosting solution you can use different versions of software without experiencing incompatibility issues.

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The 20-04-2016

PaaS Logs: an inside look at our log management infrastructure

Businesses from the industrial sector and startups are at a crossroads: as the demand for cloud infrastructures and services continues to grow, (IDC estimates the market will reach 113 billion dollars by 2019) the needs for log management solutions are evolving and becoming increasingly industrialised.

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The 13-04-2016

WordPress 4.5 is available to install in 1-click!

After Joomla! it's the turn of the world's most widely used CMS to get an update in early 2016. Focused on content and user experience, version 4.5 of WordPress is now available to install in one click on our web hosting packages.

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The 06-04-2016

API v6: automate your domain management!

Most OVH customers regularly use Manager v6. This interface contains all the functions for managing your domain names, websites, email accounts and so on. The engine itself, known as API v6, is hidden behind this interface. Concerning domain names, API v6 lets you run all the regular commands while enabling you to freely automate recurrent tasks.

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The 09-03-2016

Responsive Web Design, where to begin?

Web designers have always been faced with the issue of how their websites are displayed in different browsers, each of which interpret the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in their own way. It used to be widely believed that you had to design one website for Internet Explorer and another one for Firefox. A new generation of mobile devices combined with the growth of mobile internet...

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The 24-03-2016

Database management with IBM Power 8 architecture

On the 30th March, 2016, SoYouStart began delivering servers based on Power8 processors. Specifically designed for intensive parallel processing, these processors are up to 100 times more powerful than a classic x86 architecture.

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The 23-03-2016

Joomla! 3.5 is available in one click

The Joomla! development team has just released version 3.5 of the CMS to millions of users across the world. OVH customers can now install this new version in one click and enjoy a long list of improvements. Overview.

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The 03-03-2016

Data protection, moving towards new certifications

With exponential growth, data is becoming a resource at the centre of strategic, legal, and security issues. The volume of data is such that a new unit of measurement has been introduced: the zettabyte (ZB), trillions of megabytes. According to a study* published by IDC, the amount of data will increase 10 fold between 2013 and 2020 and will reach the astronomical amount of 44 zettabytes.

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The 19-02-2016

MyOVH: a custom dashboard in your OVH manager

As of the morning of the 19th February 2016, European customers have been able to enjoy the first iteration of a new interface which lets you view the status of your OVH services in the blink of an eye.

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The 02-02-2016

[Expert Advice] SEO trends for 2016 as seen by OVH

The way we browse the web is changing every day. In front of our desktops, smartphones and even our smart watches, our search techniques are being shaped by new habits and a changing relationship with the screen. Faced with these changes, SEO must adapt and broaden its horizons by anticipating our new browsing habits while still staying true to the basics. What does this year have in store for us?...

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The 28-01-2016

[Hardware] NVIDIA cards for supercharged virtual desktops

The use of virtual desktops intended for productivity tool users as well as those working remotely is now a common occurrence. These technologies are evolving rapidly so that their uses can be extended, particularly in professions where intensive applications made migration a delicate process until now.

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The 21-12-2015

[Insight] Will big data one day replace opinion polls?

Big data may be able to help the Los Angeles Police Department reduce crime. It is said to be able to make cities more intelligent, and some even see it as a credible alternative to restrictive policy measures in the fight against climate change. (1) Why has big data, in its seemingly all powerful appearance, not yet “uberised” the polling industry? Leonardo Noleto, Data Scientist, Guillaume Pataut,...

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The 06-01-2016

The 2016 Product Roadmap at a Glance

What’s new for 2016? Dedicated Cloud, Public Cloud, web hosting, domain names, dedicated servers, Exchange, and Office 365, our product managers provide you with an overview of the key developments which OVH is planning for the upcoming months.

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The 27-11-2015

E-tailers: How to be reactive when facing an increase in holiday traffic

In 2015, retail e-commerce spending is projected to amount to 93.89 billion dollars in the United Kingdom*. For e-tailers experiencing growth like vendors with an international reputation, this extra traffic may cause an explosion of sales... and put a strain on its infrastructure. OVH offers customers the ability to face increases in seasonal traffic by deploying additional solutions and in some...

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The 23-11-2015

Why OVH is banking on OpenZFS

The OpenZFS Developer Summit took place on October 19-20 in San Francisco. Until now OpenZFS has only been used by a few IT professionals. However as it celebrates its ten year anniversary it is growing ever stronger. In fact the "gravity" film source files were 12 petabytes and they were all stored on ZFS (1), and OpenZFS has been integrated into the latest release of Ubuntu as a native file system....

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The 08-12-2015

OVH becomes an OpenStack "Infrastructure Donor"

OpenStack has recently and formally announced that OVH is now contributing to the open source project as a cloud resource provider for its continuous integration system. This support strengthens the ties between the OpenStack community and OVH, which operates large-scale solutions and has been one of the members of the project’s Foundation since 2014.

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The 26-11-2015

E-tailers, SEO essentials to prepare for the holiday season

Three quarters (76%) of UK consumers plan to do at least half their Christmas shopping online in 2015*. Yet again consumers will be turning to the Internet for the Christmas period and the January sales. It’s therefore time for online businesses to review their SEO strategy. SEO Manager Rémi Bacha discusses must-have SEO strategies.

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The 16-11-2015

.pro open to everyone for £2.99 excl. VAT

.pro will be released on the 16th November at 8pm and it will become available to everyone (businesses, associations etc.) unconditionally.

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The 15-/2-12/1

PHP 7: What if it’s already time to migrate?

In recent years, the minor releases of PHP have successively brought some significant improvements to the language's performance. The community around PHP has become more professional and has made numerous tools available to developers to improve the use of the language and application maintenance. Announced as a major event, the release of PHP 7, successor to PHP 5, is scheduled for November 12....

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The 10-11-2015

OpenStack Summit 2015 Tokyo: OVH welcomes project evolution towards Public Cloud use

The biannual OpenStack gathering was held in Japan on October 27-30, 2015. The technical team in charge of the Public Cloud offer at took part in the event as an “Ops”, a term used for operators of the open source project. Review the trends with Jean-Daniel Bonnetot, system administrator, specializing in OpenStack at OVH.

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The 05-10-2015

“Anti-DDoS Game has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market.”

Video games are the second largest cultural industry in the world. Today, 40% of the UK population play video games. Among players, 24% play on PC, and spend an estimated 8.8 hours per week playing games*. Every evening, all over the world, millions of players connect to servers to compete or collaborate with teammates without realising the challenges that server providers have to overcome in order...

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The 06-10-2015

The domain name life cycle

It's important to know the main stages of a domain name's life before it expires. Here are the crucial points to keep in mind.

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The 29-09-2015

Non, PHP n’est pas mort !

En juin dernier, le langage PHP a fêté ses 20 ans. Bien qu’entré dans l’âge adulte et très largement répandu, PHP traîne une mauvaise réputation. On lui reproche régulièrement d'être trop permissif, trop lent ou encore supporté par une communauté qui ne serait pas assez professionnelle. Résultat, PHP est souvent écarté des projets web de grande envergure. Les griefs émis à l’encontre de PHP sont bien...

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The 21-09-2015

OVH is strengthening its fight against spam

At the start of the year OVH took responsible action to tackle spam and other types of abuse. It joined Signal Spam and M3AAWG, set up an Abuse & R&D committee to identify new intelligent ways of tackling malicious behaviour, and as a result the amount of spam sent from its infrastructures has continuously declined. Romain Beeckman, Chief Legal Officer and Stéphane Lesimple, INFOSEC Manager, explained...

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The 24-06-2015

EXPERT OPINION: Rethinking the electricity distribution in datacentres to reduce the risk of outages

In 1893, Westinghouse Electric set about deploying the first electric infrastructure in the USA, using the alternating current (AC) electricity supply system recommended by scientist Nikola Tesla. Although it may sound surprising, the way electricity is distributed hasn't changed much since then, and the same goes for datacentres, which have changed very little since their much more recent beginnings....

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The 01-06-2015

OVH at the OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015: what were the key points?

The great biannual event run by the OpenStack project brought together more than 6,000 people in Vancouver between the 18 and 22 May. OVH, who bases its recently launched Public Cloud solution [coming soon to OVH subsidiaries] on OpenStack and is today a member of the OpenSource Foundation, took part in the event to find out what's in store for the OpenStack project over the next few months and to...

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The 20-05-2015

A new R&D centre specialising in user experience in Quebec

OVH continues its expansion in Canada. A CAD 32.9 m investment deal (£17.3 m) will enable the group to open a new technology hub in the heart of Quebec City and create 150 new jobs in North America.

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The 06-05-2015

Where does OVH stand on the French surveillance law?

On May 5, French deputies voted for the adoption of the surveillance law, by 438 votes to 86. As we wait for the next steps in the judicial process, Octave Klaba, founder and Chairman of OVH, looks closely at the real consequences of this law for hosting providers and ISPs, and their customers.

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The 05-05-2015

OVH doubles the electrical capacity of its infrastructures

Faced with a boom in cloud computing, Big Data and the internet of things and the need to offer more powerful servers with better performance, OVH is doubling the electrical capacity of its infrastructures in Roubaix. It's a substantial job in terms of both the electrical power supplied and the nature of the work performed, as a pathway under the Roubaix Canal is being drilled to make way for high-voltage...

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The 09-04-2015

Does the French government want to force French web hosting providers into exile?

With annual growth of 30%, French web hosting providers are thriving; they are the source of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of euros in France every year. However, they will be forced to leave France if the surveillance bill is passed by the French government. Why?

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The 30-03-2015

EXPERT OPINION: SEO in the era of connected objects

Mobile is everywhere: in all conversations and recommendations. But isn't this deep-rooted trend already being overshadowed by the next big revolution? We take a look at the expert opinions and future predictions made at the SEO Camp’us Paris 2015.

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The 30-03-2015

14 good reasons to choose an OVH dedicated server

Infographic: The benefits of an OVH dedicated server, including customisable machines, anti-DDoS protection and vRack.

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The 26-03-2015

New .ovh registration phase

Trademark holders who want to reserve a .ovh domain name have until April 30 to register their trademark during the priority registration phase and protect against cybersquatters.

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The 04-03-2015

OVH World Tour #2, Chapter 1/29

After meeting more than 4,000 customers during the first OVH World Tour, the OVH group is setting its sights even higher this year with a goal to meet 12,000 people. The hosting company has added some international destinations to its itinerary and enhanced the tour's content: it promises to be more technical, more oriented towards professionals and equally more accessible to beginners. On 26 January,...

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The 19-02-2015

ICANN has released the .ovh domain names which were blocked to mitigate name collisions

Since 15:00 (GMT +1) on Friday 19 February, OVH has been able to officially propose to its users the domain names which were originally blocked under the Name Collision List (

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The 08-12-2014

Changes to VAT on digital services in the European Union

The European Directive 2002/38/EC* has introduced new VAT rules involving business to consumer supplies of digital services, which will come into force on the 1st January 2015. The EU has introduced a unique online service, the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS). We explain the impact of this decision.

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The 18-08-2014

vRack: an insight into the private network

With the vRack (virtual rack), offers its clients the possibility to interconnect all their IT infrastructure components, located all over the world, via a private network. This is a huge innovation that meets the growing need amongst companies* to deploy hybrid architectures combining different types of resources - physical, virtual, external or internal. Already awarded the "Best of IT innovation...

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The 30-07-2014

hubiC data

The main results of our survey of 2000 users.

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The 08-07-2014

Dedicated Cloud in the spotlight

On June 27th, the first live chat took place covering Dedicated Cloud, the OVH cloud infrastructure solution. François Loiseau (<fluatovh>), SysAdmin and cloud computing specialist answered users' questions for one hour. Here's a summary of the questions and answers by topic.

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The 19-06-2014

New extensions: what are the opportunities for brands?

Gone are the days when .com, .org and .net were the only extensions available. In 2012, ICANN* authorised the creation of over 1300 new gTLD extensions - a step up from the 22 in place since the beginnings of the internet. 6 months on from the release of the new gTLDs, what are the initial findings and what are the issues for brands? Damien Leflon, Domain Names Team Leader at OVH, gives us the lo...

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The 10-06-2014

How do we deliver nearly 130 dedicated server models?

With a new range of servers released at the beginning of 2014, OVH has put a strong emphasis on customisation: the customer can choose RAID type and associated disks, the processor, RAM, etc. The web hosting provider has optimised its internal processes, from its relationship with providers to the way it manufactures its servers, to ensure that fast server delivery times. Six months on, here is the...

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The 26-05-2014

So you Start and RunAbove: two new planets in the OVH galaxy

15 years on from being created, OVH now has six brands in total. So you Start followed by RunAbove were recently added to OVH, Kimsufi, OVH Telecom (only available in France) and hubiC. So you Start dedicated servers are designed for startups, SMEs and specialised use such as gaming. RunAbove is a new range of extreme performance public cloud solutions aimed at developers and DevOps. Alexandre Morel,...

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The 28-04-2014

VMware or Microsoft: OVH Launches Hypervisor as a Service

With the arrival of Microsoft Hyper-V in addition to VMware's vSphere and vCloud, Dedicated Cloud is adapting more than ever to customer needs. With the 2014 version you can also choose between two ranges of hosts, based on consolidation and performance. An interview with Hélène Caraux, Cloud Product Manager at OVH, tell us more about these developments.

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The 28-04-2014

At the Heart of Dedicated Cloud 2014

OVH has just launched a new Dedicated Cloud range. Hardware, software, and network: a multitude of new features. Let’s take a closer look at the key developments.

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The 16-04-2014

OVH, The First Registrar to Offer the New gTLDs in Compliance with EU Data Retention Law

OVH is the first registrar to market the new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) without contravening the EU legislation governing data retention. On March 12th 2014, ICANN published its decision¹ to accept the request submitted by OVH for a waiver of the articles of the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) that define the applicable retention period for certain data. These articles did not comply...

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The 11-04-2014

3 New Features Shaking Up the Dedicated Server Market

Additional IPs, burstable bandwidth and licences: OVH offers customers three new services to optimise their business

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The 03-04-2014

5 Reasons for Choosing a VPS before Moving to Dedicated Infrastructure

Are your projects restricted by your web hosting system? Are you looking towards dedicated servers but reluctant to take the plunge? Then a VPS is ideal for this phase!

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The 20-02-2014

Dedicated Servers 2014: What’s New?

OVH, So you Start and Kimsufi, the dedicated server ranges of the OVH group are undergoing major changes. What are the main developments? Why are we reworking things? Who are these new offers aimed at? A breakdown with Alexandre Morel, VP of Marketing and Communications.

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The 19-02-2014

Scalable Dedicated Servers

OVH has totally reworked its dedicated server offers. To guide users in choosing, the servers have now been grouped into three categories (Enterprise, Hosting and Infrastructure) covering three usage categories. Mehdi Bekkaï, Product Manager for dedicated servers, explains the philosophy behind each server range.

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The 25-10-2013

Dedicated Cloud: the OVH fortress

OVH set up its Dedicated Cloud solution based on a range of best practices to guarantee OVH customers the highest level of security. François Loiseau, OVH Sysadmin, explains.

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The 05-01-2012

Towards a Secure DNS?

At the cornerstone of Internet exchanges, the DNS system has, during its existence, revealed several vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by malicious people. The gradual deployment of DNSSEC on the most used extensions can bring a degree of protection against certain attacks, explains Stéphane Lesimple, team leader domains at OVH.

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