The 10-07-2018

Company culture: how do we explain and cultivate it, and what mistakes should really be avoided?

It is often said that to build a large company, you need to develop a company culture first. It’s true. Company culture is the frame of mind that employees share, it’s their way of interacting with customers, it’s the reason why a company exists, and it’s the purpose behind all the actions we take. It’s a set of factors that make employees look forward to getting up every morning, inspire trust from...

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The 29-06-2018

Infrastructure as code: Using Terraform with the OVH Public Cloud

Yann Degat, Solutions Architect at OVH, already had a rich variety of experience before he joined OVH’s Public Cloud team. Having previously worked as a Technical Innovation Manager at the French travel company Oui SNCF (previously known as Voyages SNCF), the Java-trained developer became a DevOps several years ago. And for the last five years that he has spent building cloud infrastructures for start-ups...

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The 27-06-2018

How do we create Europe’s tech champions?

Every year for the last 18 years, OVH has been put to the test. The main challenge: managing our growth over the next 12 months. It is our job to be disruptive. We are revolutionising the cloud – especially Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) – to enable our customers to harness the power of digitalisation. Increasing volumes of different types of data drive constant...

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The 22-06-2018

OVH has reinforced its contractual commitments with regard to personal data protection

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. OVH took this opportunity to update its terms and conditions of service, and include an appendix on personal data protection.In July 2017, OVH S.A.S. had already updated its General Terms and Conditions of Service in France, in anticipation of the GDPR deadline.  But as the GDPR deadline date approached, we also wanted...

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The 18-06-2018

Managing traffic spikes during the 2018 World Cup with the OVH Public Cloud

As the FIFA World Cup kicks off in 2018, websites dedicated to the national sport will experience their highest traffic spikes. Nicolas Capeyron created Sysadmin Badass in 2009. His job is to administer web-oriented servers and manage his customers’ infrastructure architectures: e-commerce websites, tourism websites and SaaS-based software publishers. For one of this customers, French internet media...

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