The Managed Kubernetes® service is provided free of charge. This includes the deployment, hosting and updating of all of the cluster’s master components, as well as the operational maintenance of your nodes (operating system and Kubernetes components of the worker nodes). You only pay for the computing resources and the storage hosting your containers and their persistent data, all while enjoying the standard OVH Public Cloud tariffs, traffic included.

Managed Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes® deployment (APIserver, cloud-controller, controller-manager, scheduler...)

Updates and monitoring of Kubernetes® components

Master nodes hosting administration services

Installation and updates of worker nodes (kubelet, docker...)

Network traffic entering, leaving or inside the included cluster


Excluding worker nodes, persistent volumes, and Load Balancer (services invoiced at the standard OVH Public Cloud rates)

OVH Public Cloud services, managed by Kubernetes®

Worker nodes

    Only the servers hosting your containers and services are billed to you, at standard Public Cloud prices (Linux). You can choose any instance* and enjoy its guaranteed resources in terms of both CPU and RAM. You can switch your instances to a monthly plan to save up to 50% of the hourly cost.

    ex. VAT/ 2 vCores and 7 GB RAM
    From £21.09 ex. VAT/ 2 vCores and 7 GB RAM

    *Except Sandbox instances.
    GPU instances will be compatible by the end of 2019.

    Persistent volumes

      You can add additional disks for your persistent volumes. One or more disks can be added to your nodes and shared between multiple containers. High-performance disks are recommended for your demanding input/output loads.

      From £0.028 ex. VAT/ month/GB*

      *Hourly billing

      OVH Load Balancer

        To expose your services publicly to the port of your choice and/or to spread the load across multiple worker nodes, you can add OVH Load Balancers.

        Free early access
        until 1st September, 2019

        Rates will be announced approximately one month
        before the end of the free period.

        Private Docker Registry

          To store your Docker images and Helm charts, you can use our private registry.
          Storage is included, and you do not pay any fees for incoming and outgoing traffic on your registry.

          Coming soon

          Setting up a high-availability Kubernetes® cluster with the best price/performance ratio on the market

          A typical Managed Kubernetes® Service use case:


          You run a website based on two Docker images: one is for the database, the other is your web application.


          Your website receives a high volume of traffic and you need to ensure high availability. You also need to accommodate spikes in online traffic.  


          To ensure high availability, you choose to distribute the web application on two worker nodes.
          The third hosts your database. This data is stored on a high-performance disk.

          To distribute web traffic between your worker nodes, you use an OVH Load Balancer.

          If you anticipate an increase in traffic during a specific period, you can adjust your platform accordingly.


          Pricing for an infrastructure supporting normal traffic:

          Services and administration nodes: free
          Incoming, outgoing and internal traffic: free
          Three B2-7 worker nodes: £63.27 ex. VAT/month
          Persistent high-performance volume of 100 GB: £5.60 ex. VAT/month
          Total: £68.87 ex. VAT/month
            In case of peak traffic, you can (for example) move your database to a C2-15 instance, while keeping the aforementioned B2-7 servers to distribute your web service. With this configuration, you would add £27.70 to your usual pricing, based on per-hour billing (24 hours x 7 days x £0.1649/hour).