Managed Kubernetes® service features

The best of Public Cloud, linked to a production-ready Kubernetes® service

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Fully managed by OVH

OVH deploys, hosts and maintains all of the components needed for Kubernetes® to work, including updates linked to bugs and security patches. We also maintain the necessary components on your nodes. Enjoy all the advantages of a certified Kubernetes® administrator after downloading your kubeconfig file and concentrate solely on your activities. Our teams oversee the software elements and underlying hardware, which also benefits from OVH’s anti-DDoS protection.

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Load Balancer and pod autoscaling

Your Kubernetes® service is ready to use in just a few minutes, and your worker nodes are provided in less than 120 seconds. The scheduler displays new services or replicates them on your nodes in a matter of seconds. The integration of the OVH Load Balancer allows you to efficiently distribute traffic over multiple nodes. You can set CPU/RAM quotas, health conditions and automatic scaling for your pods.

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Persistent volumes

You can add persistent volumes to your worker nodes. These are supported by the additional disks where you choose the size or type (standard or high-performance, billed to the nearest gigabyte). This ensures the durability of your stateful application data.

and also...

  • RBAC: the role-based access control functionality is activated and allows you to deploy services requiring this level of access.
  • Guaranteed resources: by using OVH Public Cloud instances, you benefit from guaranteed resources (CPU, RAM, disk) for your worker nodes.
  • Multiple versions and upgrades: you can choose to use Kubernetes® 1.11 or 1.12. We will offer you other versions and their future developments.
  • OS maintained by OVH: we deploy and maintain a low-footprint operating system on our nodes, optimised for the execution of containers.
  • Simple interface: the OVH Control Panel lets you configure, add or delete nodes. You can also easily install the Kubernetes® Dashboard.
  • Nodes autoscaling (coming soon): dynamically add computing resources to your cluster according to the combined needs of all of your nodes.
  • Choice of location (coming soon): choose the region where your cluster will be hosted.
  • Integration with vRack (coming soon): choose to display your cluster and its services publicly, or solely on your private OVH network.

And many more features!