Feature overview for Zen Photo


Zen Photo is an easy to use online gallery, which allows you to manage and display your images and also your multimedia content such as your animations, audio, websites ...

Create new categories, insert your files and edit them with ease thanks to the administration interface: in a few clicks you can resize the images, add comments, notations ...

It is very comprehensive, Zen Photo allows you to manage your gallery in detail and edit tags for each image for easy referencing. Moreover, it has a section allowing you to create custom pages in the style of a blog or classic site

This module is ideal for designers, graphic designers, musicians, videographers, photographers amateur or professional who want to share their work easily and professionally.

Official website: http://www.zenphoto.org/
Installation guide: View set up guide
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Installation tools Zen Photo
Automatic installation on your hosting in OVH Yes
Tools to install additional modules (plugins) Yes
Tools for content management Zen Photo
Graphic editing of on-line pages (WYSIWYG) Yes
Tools for multimedia management (photos, videos, sound files...) Yes
Collection of themes for your site (skins) Yes
Community Zen Photo
Technical FAQ Yes
User forum Yes
Technical documentation Yes