HPC for studies and research

Problems of ever-increasing complexity

Research centres work on increasingly complex problems, while simultaneously being subject to considerable economic constraints. Designing the best product requires that even more factors be taken into account, with greater precision and more advanced risk management than ever.

Human expertise goes hand-in-hand with the advancement of modeling tools and computational algorithms. Powerful computers, ideally grouped into clusters, can exploit the parallelism offered by these tools and find the technical and economic optimums. However, this requires large investments and complex administration.

The right tool at the right time

In response to these issues, OVH is offering HPCSpot, a turn-key solution which enables experts in a given domain to easily access the tools they control, which are available on adapted, high-performance hardware.

No complicated procedures to learn, simply a clear web interface to access your tools and data remotely, in a matter of clicks, whenever you need to! Each step from pre-processing, to calculations, right through to post-processing can be carried out remotely, by harnessing the power of the HPCSpot infrastructure and the speed of the OVH networks.

Concentrate on your core business without having to worry about the rest

By having all the computing power you need without worrying about the constraints of infrastructure administration, you can focus on the problems you need to solve and thus increase efficiency.

Our support team has years of expertise in HPC and will ensure the permanent availability of the resources and the security of your data, as well as supporting you whenever required.