Why outsource an HPC infrastructure?

An authentic configuration for calculation, but without the associated IT issues

The role of OVH is putting its expertise in hosting IT infrastructures at your service. As with cloud services, you get the benefits of a dedicated infrastructure whilst liberating yourself from the constraints of managing IT facilities. Our offer is based on a configuration adapted to calculation (physical servers, low latency inter-connection). Additionally, we help you avoid issues associated with hosting machines, such as storage, power, cooling and hardware support.

A tool to simplify administration and access

All our clusters are delivered with our interface, which is enables easy access and daily administration. You're free to adapt the configuration of your cluster, but you won't lose time on typical administration tasks, such as managing users and monitoring. You install your own tools and you can even integrate them into the portal to enable users to access your cluster.

Streamline your costs

The cost of acquiring and renewing an HPC cluster, or even a facility to store such equipment, is a barrier that many organisations cannot overcome. Budgets are usually substantial and can be difficult to obtain. The flexibility of the HPC cluster service avoids these issues and streamlines the associated operational costs. By adjusting the size of the cluster to the needs of each project, it's thus easy to respond to load peaks without resorting to costly and time-consuming investments.

The need for HPC clusters

In many domains requiring simulation of physical phenomena, genetics or pharmaceutical research, HPC has brought so many advances that having a high perfomance computing infrastructure is no longer an option.

However, these HPC clusters require heavy financial investment and particular expertise to handle problems which are specific to administration and optimisation of these systems.

By outsourcing these resources in the form of a dedicated cluster that can be accessed remotely, you get a secure, flexible and high performance infrastructure, with ease of use adapted specifically to your requirements.

Freedom, simplicity, flexibility

An OVH HPC cluster enables you to work as though it was hosted on your network: all the applications and all the data you need can be installed on it. You thus have the necessary computing power and visualisation methods to do everything remotely, under the best conditions. What's more, the HPCDrive portal is installed on each cluster to facilitate user access to the infrastructure.

If you need to mobilise additional resources for a limited period, you can easily add computing nodes to your remote cluster, without having to worry about air conditioning or the size of your computer room! Your machines can be operated directly.

Security, support

Having remote data and applications demands a very high level of security. Only you can log in to your cluster using highly encrypted protocols. Your machines are hosted in our ultra-high security datacentre in Gravelines, France.

Finally, as we've also been deploying clusters for our customers on site for many years, we know how important it is to have responsive and competent support.

That's why our specialised HPC team supports and assists you in getting the most out of your infrastructure.