This guide explains how to get your domain name out of redemption or quarantine.

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You can restore the following extensions from the redemption period from the OVH .it/.fr/.re/.pm/.yt/.wf/.tf/.hk/.xxx



What is meant by the redemption status?

It means that you have not renewed your domain name and you have passed the additional time during which you could have renewed it at the basic rate.

  • During the redemption period, the domain name is "frozen" for about 30 to 35 days.

  • The owner of the domain can ask for it to be restored at an additional cost.

  • The length of the redemption period, as well as the price you pay to restore it varies according to the extension.
  • Please note: In some cases, once the domain leaves the redemption period, you must switch the DNS servers back on for the domain name.

How do I check the status of my domain?

You can check your domain's status via the Whois tool.

You just need to run a WHOIS command on your domain to check the domain's "Status".

These are the statuses associated with the period of redemption or quarantine:

"Redemption Period"


"Pending delete restorable"

Restoring services


Order on the OVH website

We are now going to look at how to get a domain out of the redemption period from the OVH website.
  • Please note: When a domain name leaves the redemption period your hosting service is not renewed. You have to renew this via a second purchase order if it has expired.
Step 1: Choose domain
Go to the OVH website.

On the homepage enter the name of the domain in redemption or quarantine that you wish to restore.

Select "Order" to continue.

Warning: These are the extensions which you can remove from the redemption period via the OVH website: .com/.net/.org/ .info/.pro/.tv/.be/.eu/.it/.fr/.re/.pm/.yt/ .wf/.tf/.hk/.xxx.
Step: Choose the action you want to take
During this step the domain is verified and you are given several options.

To restore the domain name, select "The domain is being deleted, you can still restore it".

Tick the box to certify that you have read the information entered, then click "Continue".
  • Warning: The domain will be restored for its current owner. If you are not already the domain name owner, you will not become the owner. The domain will only become public again when it is permanently deleted. The administrative, technical and billing contacts will not change either.
Step 3: Review your order
Once you have checked that the information is correct just click "Continue".

Select "Continue" to go to the next stage of the order.
Step 4: Customer identification
If you have not already done so you must identify yourself.

You have to be the administrative contact for this domain in order to remove the domain from the redemption period.

Click "Continue"
Step 5: Select DNS servers
You are asked to choose your domain's DNS servers.

You can choose OVH DNS servers by default or use customised DNS servers. An editor is available so you can click on the DNS servers.

Before you decide, we suggest that you consult the person in charge of managing your DNS servers in order to avoid any manipulation errors.

Please note that this step is not always presented. For some extensions, you have to manually enter the DNS servers after your domain has left redemption period.
  • A delay of 24 to 48 hours is required before your DNS servers are totally propagated.




For all informaion on the cost of other available extensions go to the domain section on [url=""] and consult the specifications by clicking on the relevent domain.

Lifecycle of a domain name

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