It is possible to set up your web redirections in different ways. In this guide we offer you three ways to redirect your domain name.

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Web Redirection via your Manager


Log in to the Manager

Sign in [url = ""] Manager [/url] with your username(nic-handle)and password.

Once connected, select the domain you want to redirect.

In the left menu select "Domain & DNS" and "Web Redirections" .

You must use the OVH DNS servers to use this type of web redirection.

Creating the redirection (1)

In the window that appears, select "Create" .

A summary of existing redirects are displayed in the table (See below cons).

Creating the redirection (2)

Fill in the required fields :

Redirection : Allows you to choose the sub-domain to be redirected . You can leave the field blank to redirect only domain without the "www ."

To : The target of your web redirection. That is to say, the page you will be redirected to .

Type : allows you to choose how to redirect to :

  • Visible URL → A URL becomes B URL , the client sees this change in their browser.
  • The Invisible → A URL is displayed in the browser but the content of the page is the URL B.

  • Title Appears only for invisible redirect [/orange ] . Sets a title (tag) to your page for SEO. You can leave the field empty if you wish .

    Description Appears only for invisible redirect . Sets a description ( meta description ) to your page for SEO. You can leave the field empty if you wish.

    Keywords Appears only for invisible redirect . Sets keywords ( meta keyword tag ) to your page for SEO. You can separate them by semicolons . You can leave the field empty .

    Overwrite the old configuration ensures that if there is a former partner in this field configuration, it will be overwritten by the new one. It is advisable to always check the box.
To remember

  • It is important to create the redirection twice. The one with the subdomain "www" and the one without . One, so that the " Redirection " field is empty , and then the second web redirection with the field the subdomain "www" .

  • The type of web redirection is important. Redirection visible type allows to see the change in the URL in the browser. Eg passing to . The invisible redirection does not show this change, however, if the page is subject to internal redirects the URL will still be changed.

  • Once the web redirection is added , count a delay between 4h and 24h , if there was no change in DNS . Otherwise , from 24 to 48h .

  • The IP score will be replaced by " " . Note that if you use this website without IP forwarding , you will be automatically pointed to the webmail page.

  • Redirects created this way from the Manager are of type 302 .

web redirection via the .htaccess



Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify a few things about .htaccess files

These configuration files allow you to change certain variables from the web server (redirection, URL rewriting ...).

Please keep in mind that the settings defined in .Htaccess file apply to the directory where the file is installed, and all its subdirectories.

The .htaccess file must be a TXT file encoded in ASCII or ANSI.

Permanent redirection

A permanent redirect sends a HTTP code 301 which informs browsers, especially search engines, that they need to update their links to the new address.

Warning: Do not point your site to a subfolder. Use the DirectoryIndex

Here's the code to be entered in the .htaccess file to redirect the whole site to a new address.:

Redirect permanent / http://nouveau-site.tld/

To change a directory / file:

Redirect permanent / ancien_repertoire http://nouveau-site.tld/nouveau_repertoire
Redirect permanent / ancien_fichier.php http://site.tld/nouveau_fichier.php

Redirect gone

If a file does not exist, it is preferable to replace the 404 message "document not found" by a more explicit message type 410 "document no longer exists"

Redirect gone / supprime.html

Redirect see other

If you change the file extension, seeother can change the file type by sending an HTTP code 303 :

Redirect seeother / Example.doc http://site.tld/exemple.pdf

Temporary redirection

A temporary redirect, HTTP Type 302 can be used when you temporarily move files to another site:

Redirect temp / http://autre_site_web.tld/site/

Web redirection via modification of the type A record


Log in to the Manager

Visit the [url = ""] OVH [/url] site.

Log in Manager V3 using your username(nic-handle) and your password.

Select the domain you want to edit.

In the left menu select "Domain & DNS" and "DNS Zone" .

Type A

Another type of redirection is possible via the type field A in the DNS Zone.

This is not a redirection per se, but more a domain pointing to another server.

It is possible, for example, through this type of pointing, to redirect your domain to the IP address of another host, while maintaining the DNS management OVH.

In such cases, it is more interesting to change the field type A rather than change the DNS - which could affect the mail services and various modifications you may have already realized.

An example of a DNS (see capture below cons) zone:

There are several fields of type A.

It can have several scores for different subdomains.
  • Modifying the field "A" can take up to 4 to 24 hours if no change DNS - if the DNS has been changed it can take 24h 48h.
  • The field of type A can only contain IP addresses - no server name.

useful information
  • Some providers advise their customers to switch their DNS servers directly. You may change your MX-type fields to keep the e-mails OVH if you wish.