With the multi-domain option, available under the Personal 2014 offer, you can share your hosting:

  • with another domain name under the same customer reference (NIC handle)
  • with another domain name registered with another provider

This prevents you having to order two hosting packages in order to set up multiple sites.

This option is also available on some of our old hosting offers.

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Standard Multi-domain



Please visit the OVH website.

Log in to the Control Panel with your username (NIC handle) and password.

Click on "Connection" to complete the operation.

Offer Selection

Select the domain name associated with your hosting.

Left-click on the domain name or select your service from the menu at the top of the page.

Note that you must either own the domain name on your account or be the technical contact.

Adding multi-domain: Part 1

In the left-hand menu under "Website hosting" select "Hosting" and "Multi-domain".

If you do not have hosting services for the selected domain, only a domain will appear.

Adding multi-domain: Part 2

In the new window, select "Creating a standard multi-domain".

Multi-domain configuration

Please fill in the required fields:

1/Multi-domain: Please enter here the new domain name for your hosting service.

In our example, the new site's URL is "www.my-second-domain.co.uk"

2/Target folder: Fill in the path to the folder (that you will need to create on FTP).

The "www" folder is filled in by default. You can edit it.

In my example, the target folder is "Folder1".
So, by logging into FTP, I will create "Folder1" to the same level as my "www" folder.
If I choose "www/Dossier1" as a target folder, I will then need to create "Folder1" in the "www" folder.

3/Select a country: Select the country where the IP is located.

You can find information on geolocation here

4/Separate the primary domain logs: If this box is ticked, you can get statistics and independent logs for the different domains.

5/Enable IPv6: Allows you to activate the new IP standards on hosting. You do not need to activate it straightaway. Caution: IPv6 is not compatible with CDN option.

Click "Validate" to finalise the operation.


Your multi-domain now appears correctly in the Control Panel. You can edit or delete it at this stage.

The modification of the score of the new domain is automatic if using our DNS.
  • Caution: multi-domain is not active immediately after its creation, it will take around 4-24 hours.

  • In the case of a multidomain created on a shared hosting using the CDN option, multidomain will benefit from the CDN option also.

Creating folder in FTP

You now need to create the folder in FTP and place the files on your website.

For this you can use FileZilla (FTP client free among many others) tool after logging into the hosting that can add the new domain name.

Make a right click in the right pane and select "Create Folder".

Give it the same name of the folder that was specified for the target of multidomain.

Click "Validate" to complete the operation

Multidomain for an external domain



To develop a multidomain for external domain name to OVH, two additional steps are required.

At first you must declare your external domain to OVH via OVH DNS without change from your current provider.

We recommend you change only the IP address of the A field with your current provider if you are not using our DNS (which will not affect your e-mails).

Add a domain to OVH DNS Part 1

In the left menu "Administration" select "My Services" and "New Domain".

Add a domain to OVH DNS Part 2

Enter your external domain name at OVH.

Note that the "www." are already filled, it is not necessary to indicate again.

Click "Validate" to continue the creation.

Add a domain to OVH DNS Part 3

Select "Add DNS (Advanced Configuration)" .

You can choose the hosting and mail servers "redirects (default)" and "redirects (no protection)" .

This will not impact on your e-mails, the goal is not to change your current DNS servers for your external domain name with OVH, but only to change its IP pointing through the field of type A. We will see how to retrieve it later in the document.

Create DNS zone that helps you set up properly for the multidomain external domain name with OVH.

If you do not wish to create, you can skip this step - it is however not recommended. You will have to create twice the multidomain, with and without the subdomain "www".

Click on "Valide" to continue.

Add a domain to OVH DNS Part 4

Your external domain name with OVH should now appear in your Manager. If it does not, disconnect from the Manager and log in again.
You then need to point your external domain name to IP (field type) address of your OVH shared hosting.

In the remainder of this guide, it is explained how to retrieve the IP address of your accommodation. You will then need to bring your current provider in order to communicate the IP address or the change yourself.

It will obviously implement the multidomain. Appointment at the beginning of this guide for more information about it.

Retrieve the IP of my hosting

Here is how to retrieve the IP address of your hosting, in order to point your domain to external one.

We must first identify the server ("cluster") on which you are.

For this in the Manager go to "Shared" then in "Hosting" and "Summary" .

You will find the "cluster" where you are, here in the green box.

Summary of clusters and IPs

Here is a table that allows you to retrieve the IP address of your server.

You will then need to change it with your current provider in order to communicate the IP address or the change yourself.

A propagation delay of 4-24 hours is required.

Cluster IP

Verify the implementation of the multidomain


Verification steps

In the event of any errors, firstly, check that you carried out the setup stages correctly.

For a standard multidomain:

1/Place the multidomain in the Manager. Propagation of 4 to 24 hours possible.
2/Create the folder pointing FTP. (the target folder on the Manager and said that the folder created in FTP must be identical).

For external multidomain:

1/ Add the external domain in your Manager.
2/ Place the multidomain in the Manager.
3/ Create the folder pointing FTP. (the target folder on the Manager and said that the folder created in FTP must be identical).
4/To point your domain to the external IP of your OVH.Propagation of 4 to 24 hours as possible.

Recurring issue


Possible error

The domain name is not filed or contacts accessing the domain are not yours.

Error 404

Following the multi-domain setup, a 404 error may appear when you access your site.

This is because of one of the following:

  • Either the target folder has not been created
  • Either the folder created on the FTP does not match the target entered in the Control Panel (e.g. different spelling, or created in the wrong place).