Payment monthly
5GB Basic account
£0.89 excl. VAT p/m per account
25GB Standard account
£2.99 excl. VAT p/m per account ( 3.59€ TTC )
50GB Enterprise account
£8.99 excl. VAT p/m per account ( 10.79€ TTC )
Your private server £43.99 ex. VAT/month
(or £52.79 incl. VAT)

£59.99 £ ex. VAT /month

£71.99 VAT inc.

Service description

Number of E-mail accounts Unlimited(1)
Maximum size per E-mail Configurable
Anti-virus Included
Anti-spam Included
Control panel (Manager) Included
Commercial and technical support Included
Blackberry® Support Coming soon
(1) : To guarantee optimal performance, OVH recommends that you do not exceed the 1000 user accounts for your corporate solution

Security and availability

A private and secure space.

High security Included
High availability Included
SSL Included

By using Microsoft Exchange 2010 at OVH you have a completely private and reliable solution, that follows the changes in your business.

As your solution is not shared between multiple customers, all resources are fully dedicated to you: you have your own server and a fully isolated space.

Each server has a double connection, two different power supplies, two separate UPS devices, connected by two network links to two different switches, with fully redundant storage spaces and routing.


You first need to have a domain name for yourself, your business or your users.
Fixed IP Address Included
SSL certificate Included
Reverse DNS Included

OVH offers an SSL certificate for your main domain.
Get started in a few clicks with our setup wizard.
Step Description
1 Choose the main domain name
2 SSL certificate configuration


The entire solution is managed entirely from the OVH Manager .
All domains and associated e-mail accounts are visible to all users.
Multi-domains Included
Isolation of each domain -
Multi accounts Included
Alias management Included
Names management Included
Password policy Included
SMTP servers Included
Mailing lists Included
Manage external contacts Included
Shared files Included
Resource accounts Included
Account statistics Included
Email size Included
Account delegation Included
Export of .pst file Included
Daily backup Included
Disclaimer Included

Control Panel

Create and manage your accounts with
Your control panel
For optimal use, if you use Outlook®, we recommend using versions 2007 or 2010. This will allow you to use Outlook's® autodiscovery feature, which doesn't work in the 2003 version.


Your managed private server (1) £43.99 ex. VAT/month
(or £52.79 incl. VAT)
Email accounts (1) (2)
Basic Account
5                   Go
£0.89 ex. VAT/month
(or £1.07 incl. VAT)
Standard Account
25                   Go
£2.99 ex. VAT/month
(or £3.59 incl. VAT)
Enterprise Account
50                   Go
£8.99 ex. VAT/month
(or £10.79 incl. VAT)
Number of accounts (3) Illimité
Options (1)
Outlook PC/Mac Licence
( per user )
+ £1.75 ex. VAT/month
(or £2.10 incl. VAT)
SharePoint Coming soon

(1): Base calendar
(2): After your first order, you create additional accounts in the OVH Control Panel
(3) : To guarantee optimal performance, OVH recommends that you do not exceed the 1000 user accounts for your corporate solution.


Depending on your projects and their duration, you have a choice of several payment methods.
Payment method Contract
Debit/Credit Card -
Standing Order -

Billing is based on calendar month by tacit agreement. At the beginning of each month, OVH bills for the cost of the infrastructure for the coming month and the maximum number of Exchange email accounts created during the past month for each account type.

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