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£39.94 ex. VAT/year
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£39.94 ex. VAT (or £47.93 incl. VAT)

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1 year

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£84.15 ex. VAT (or £100.98 incl. VAT)

The above prices do not apply to premium domain names.

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In order to register a .MELBOURNE domain name, the applicant must satisfy Criteria A, B or C:

Category A: Victorian Entities

The applicant must be an entity registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or the Australian Business Register that:

  • has an address in the State of Victoria associated with its ABN, ACN, RBN or ARBN; or
  • has a valid corporate address in the State of Victoria.

Category B: Victorian Residents:

The applicant must be an Australian citizen or resident with a valid address in the State of Victoria.

Category C: Associated Entities:

The applicant must be an Associated Entity. The applicant may only apply for a domain name that is an Exact Match or Partial Match to, or an Abbreviation, or an Acronym of:

  • the business name of the applicant, or name by which the applicant is commonly known (i.e. a nickname) and the business name must be registered with the appropriate authority in the jurisdiction in which that business is domiciled; or
  • a product that the Associated Entity manufactures or sells to entities or individuals residing in the State of Victoria;
  • a service that the Associated Entity provides to residents of the State of Victoria;
  • an event that the Associated Entity organises or sponsors in the State of Victoria;
  • a course or training programme that the Associated Entity provides to residents of the State of Victoria.

Booking period: 1 year
Renewal period: 1 to 10 years
Delivery time: Immediate
Domain size: 2 to 63 characters
Whois link whois.nic.melbourne
Internationalised domain names (IDN) supported No
Price £39.94 ex. VAT (or £47.93 incl. VAT)

The renewal can be done from ovh.co.uk or from the Control Panel via the "my products" section.
If the domain name is not renewed in time, it will be in the redemption period (30 days) during which the owner will have the possibility to reactivate it by making a request to support.
Once the redemption period has expired, the domain name will be definitely deleted and will be available again.

Warning email: 60, 30, 15, 7 and 3 before the expiry date. yes
Directly from the site ovh.co.uk yes
From your Control Panel yes
Price £43.34 ex. VAT (or £52.01 incl. VAT)
To transfer your domain name at OVH, you must contact your registrar in order to get the authentication code and unlock your domain.
Then go directly to this page to transfer.

Time to complete the transfer operation 5 - 10 days
Price £39.94 ex. VAT (or £47.93 incl. VAT)
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Price Free

The domain name owner has the possibility to restore by making a request to support.
Note: This operation is only possible when the domain name is still in redemption period.

Redemption period 30
Reactivation by the owner yes
Price £84.15 ex. VAT (or £100.98 incl. VAT)

Disk space 10MB
Monthly traffic included 1GB
Email accounts 1 x 5 GB
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