Netboot: rebooting via the network


Your job is not to waste your time compiling a kernel for your server and testing it over and over again in order to make sure it's working properly. Isn't your time precious?

In addition to the default kernel on your hard drive, OVH offers you the opportunity to start your machine via the network with kernels compiled by our engineers. All this in a few clicks via the Control Panel (your customer area)

Principles of Netboot:


Stable and high technology solutions

Before offering you these kernels, our technical staff have tested them for weeks and subjected them to strict testing.
We guarantee a steady server protected against the latest known security bugs and failures.

Who knows your servers better than OVH?
Also, we have adapted our kernels to optimise your servers for the latest CPU's from Intel and AMD.

Unlimited security


You fear intrusions into your servers and you do not have the know-how or the time to prevent them. OVH helps you with the grsecurity kernels which guarantee reinforced security

Problem alternatives

You have compiled a new kernel, but you fear that testing it might produce server crash and that you would need assistance from our technical staff.
If, after a reboot, your dedicated server does not respond after a reasonable time (a few minutes), the activation of "Netboot" via the manager will allow you to change over easily and quickly, 100% uptime..

How does it work?

The Net Boot option is disabled by default. To take advantage, go to your manager and to the section "Dedicated server". You will then find the link "Netboot" where you will be able to choose the kernel you want. The kernel installed on the hard disk of your server will no longer be used in rebooting your server.

Go to your manager

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