Manage SSH keys

Log in to a server via SSH

A secure connection for simple access to your dedicated server

SSH key management for installation and rescue

The SSH protocol is designed to secure the connection when you log in to the server. Managing a set of keys avoids having to use passwords. It also simplifies the connection: you can connect to multiple machines using a single key.

To connect via SSH using a key, you have two files: a private key that should remain confidential on your computer, and a public key to be installed on the server/s you want to access. During the authentication process, the public key looks for the corresponding private key and authorises the connection.

Manage your SSH keys at OVH

You can then manage your SSH keys directly from the Control Panel. Keys are common to all servers belonging to the same customer ID (NIC handle).

During a reinstallation of your server, you can select one of the SSH keys on your set to be preinstalled on your server.

In rescue mode, the preinstalled SSH key also allows you access your server.

Another possible use: automation of tasks on your server

Your system has just been istalled, your scripts/robots can take control of the server to perform various configuration and administration operations.

Did you know..?

You can also run post-installation scripts directly from the reinstallation interface