A KVM IP for your server

In case of a one-off issue on your server, or for more effective administration, OVH offers you a KVM(Keyboard Video Mouse) IP module.

What's that?

The KVM IP module is totally independent from your server. It is directly connected to the internet, and it enables you to directly access your server's screen, keyboard and mouse via a secure connection. KVM IP is an ADDER trademark. It also enables file sharing, an ISO or your CDROM drive between your location and your connection and your server.

Get a KVM IP (pre-2014 range of servers)

For dedicated servers in the EG, MG and HG ranges, you must be subscribed to the Professional Option to order a KVM IP.

For the SP series, you can order your KVM IP via your Control Panel.
permanent KVM IP £19.00 ex. VAT/month (£22.80 incl. VAT) + £149.00 ex. VAT (£178.80 incl. VAT) setup fee.

Additional information

The KVM IP uses 2 USB ports on your server.