Technical FAQ and options

Your questions on dedicated servers

What does the delivery time refer to?

Delivery time starts from receipt of payment. Please note these times are provided for informational purposes only and are not legally binding

What do the setup fees consist of?

The setup fees are for assembling and connecting your server in our datacentres. These are one-off fees which are only applied when your server is first set up.

When can I order the options offered?

You can order your options directly from your OVH Control Panel, as soon as your server is delivered.

Are all dedicated products compatible with my server?

Options are linked to the 3 server ranges, so depending on whether you have an Enterprise server, a Hosting server or Infrastructure server, you will need to check that the option is compatible with your server before finalising your order.

Why is the anti-DDoS protection included as standard?

Anti-DDoS protection is not an option at OVH for 2 reasons:

  • an attack on your server will affect your business and could cause a huge shortfall or service interruption
  • your saturated access could flood the common networks and affect other customers

So to avoid making anti-DDoS a luxury option, OVH has spread the cost of the investment across all customers and has integrated this innovation into all hosting offers as standard.

Why is the new support linked to my server and not to my customer profile?

It's highly likely that customers with large server farms will need greater support than customers having only one server, so it seems logical to match the support budget to the number of servers, rather than charging an amount that has no relation to usage.

What's the lifetime guarantee for components?

From the very first day and throughout your hosting service subscription, your servers benefit from 24/7 hardware maintenance, which includes automatic replacement of any defective components for life, free of charge. Exclusively at OVH!

Beyond the speed, what are the differences between the 3 bandwidth offers?

With the Premium, Platinum and Ultimate offers, you benefit from the performance of the OVH network across ever-expanding geographical boundaries. Beyond the OVH infrastructure, you switch onto other provider networks so that you get the guaranteed speed for your chosen offer.

If my internet users are located very far from the OVH datacentre, which offer should I choose?

The question you need to ask yourself is whther the quality of service (latency) level is critical for your business. The Premium offer will be suitable for usage such as mass downloads, whereas if you offer live streaming you need the Ultimate offer which gives you the lowest latency times for your customers.

What's bandwidth Burst all about?

The 1 Gbps and 3 Gbps burst feature is enabled by default on servers connected in 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps (respectively). This service is disabled as soon as your average guaranteed bandwidth consumption exceeds 50%.

How is my allocated burst period calculated?

Every 6 hours, we recalculate the average bandwidth consumed (based on 95%) and we compare it to 50% of the guaranteed bandwidth. If it's less, we don't change anything, but if it's higher, we will disable the burst temporarily and you won't be able to reactivate it. In other words, for 5% of the month (meaning 1 half day), you are entitled to 1 Gbps or 3 Gbps with no limitation. If beyond that half day you consume over 50% of the guaranteed bandwidth, your burst will be disabled and you can only use your guaranteed bandwidth.

Can I disable the burst, what will happen if I do?

You can disable the burst using the API and your bandwidth will return to its guaranteed speed by default.

Burstable bandwidth: what is this service used for?

Burstable bandwidth is ideal for network load peaks following TV, email and buzz marketing campaigns, or for ensuring on-demand high speed for your software update customers. If you would like to retain a constant high speed, check out our bandwidth offers.

If I don't renew my server, what will happen with my IPs and IP blocks?

Failover IPs and IP blocks routed to your server will be recycled along with the server, unless you move them to an/other server/s.

If I don't renew my server, what will happen to my IPs from a block that has been split?

IPs from a block that has been split will be parked automatically and charged £1.7 ex. VAT/month/IP (or £2.0 incl. VAT).

How do I keep my IPs without having to route them on a server?

You can retain them by parking them so you can reuse them at a later date. If you park an IP or an IP block, you will be charged £1.7 ex. VAT/month/IP (or £2.0 incl. VAT).

How will the parked IPs be charged?

On the last day of the month, you will receive an invoice for the IPs that were parked at least once during the month. IPs on servers that do not benefit from free IPs (notably Kimsufi servers) will be charged in the same manner.

I pay for the PRO option, what will happen to my pricing?

If your server requires the PRO option to benefit from additional IPs, you will keep the PRO option subscription but your IPs are now free of charge.

What is the pricing policy on KS and So you Start servers?

No change, the IPs will still be the same price. However, for KS servers, you will be billed for all your IPs at the end of the month.

What is the new billing system with my Kimsufi servers?

If you keep your failover IPs or IP blocks on your Kimsufi server, the pricing remains the same but you will be obliged to pay monthly.

Which servers will the pricing conditions apply to?

All OVH servers, including the old ranges (but excluding KS and So you Start servers) will retain their pricing conditions.

What do the setup fees consist of?

The setup fees enable activation of the IPs ordered. The price is from £1.7 ex. VAT/IP (or £2.0 incl. VAT). A block of 4 IPs (/30) will be charged, for example £6.8 ex. VAT/IP (or £8.2 incl. VAT).

How do I cancel my IPs?

From your Control Panel, under "Manage your IPs".
To cancel blacklisted IPs, you will first need to take the necessary action with different entities in order to resolve the status of your IPs.

What are the benefits of the Virtual Rack or "vRack"?

The Virtual Rack enables multiple servers to be joined together virtually, regardless of their number or physical location in our datacentres, connecting them to a virtual switch within the same private network. Your servers can thus communicate securely and privately. here

How do I choose my datacentre?

Choose your datacentre according to the geographical location of your customer and users, from the list of OVH datacentres offering connections to exclusive networks in various parts of the world.

How do I choose my storage offer?

With OVH dedicated server offers, you can choose to store your data according to your usage and how critical your data is:

  • NAS offer: designed for high availability (up to 100%), these machines benefit from RAID configurations and offer excellent I/O performance. In standard, hybrid or full SSD version, the NAS server is connected via the network to all active dedicated servers so that your data can be easily spread out. Partioning, automatic snapshots, RAID reconstruction - OVH is commited to bringing you a high quality of service at every level.
  • Being used in general to compliment your live servers, the storage servers offer up to 216 TB of data stored (RAID configuration). They are vRack compatible to secure access to your most critical data using a private VLAN. The internal OVH network allows bandwidth of 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps.
  • Backup Storage: every OVH dedicated server come with a 500 GB space included for storing your non-critical data. With 10 TB capacity as an option, you can use FTP(S), NFS and CIFS protocols to make things easier. your server backups.

What are the conditions of use for the one week offer?

You can sign up for the one week offer with no obligations. The difference between this offer and the standard offer is the reduced commitment period (1 week) and the services included.

Which services are included with the one week server offer?

The one week dedicated server offer includes:

  • all OVH standard services
  • the licences below for the week:
Public price/month One week offer
Windows 2008 (R2) and 2012 (R2) Standard and Web £16.99 ex. VAT/processor (or £20.39 incl. VAT) FREE
Web Host 12 / Hosting suite unlimited (10 and later) £24.99 ex. VAT (or £29.99 incl. VAT) FREE
cPanel: unlimited domains £24.99 ex. VAT (or £29.99 incl. VAT) FREE
DirectAdmin: unlimited domains £9.99 ex. VAT (or £11.99 incl. VAT) FREE
Virtuozzo: 3 x Containers £22.99 ex. VAT (or £27.59 incl. VAT) FREE

Can I move a licence to another server?

Yes, but it will become payable at standard pricing.

Is there a quantity limit on one week server offers?

No, you can order as many offers as you like, without any limits on quantity or time.

Can I keep my server and the configuration at the end of the 7 days?

Yes, if you do not ask for your server to be cancelled within seven days, it will be renewed automatically.

Why how I be charged for my licence at the end of the 7 days?

It will become payable at the current prices.

Can I customise my server (RAID, CPU, etc)?

One week servers are only available with the default configuration. If you want to test customised servers, please go to the hard zone (coming soon).