Big Data and mass data: volume, velocity, variety, vivacity (the 4 Vs)

The challenge of big data: when databases are not enough...

Modern companies must face up to ever-increasing volumes of data. Traditional SQL databases may become insufficient or mal-adapted to storing and processing a continuous flow of highly varied data. Big data offers an alternative to SQL databases and enables previously unexploitable data to be processed.

4 good reasons to use OVH Big Data?

Analysing customer experience in real time, transactional data, tracking your brand's online reputation and gauging opinion, fighting fraud ... So many new challenges that demand a fast working solution which can handle massive data. Big data is often defined by the 3 Vs: volume, velocity and variety. At OVH we add another V for the Vivacity of our support team.

1) High volume storage

Faced with the quantity of product data, storage is becoming a key issue. The OVH Big Data services have been designed to host huge masses of data. For example, you would need 2000 PCs, each equiped with 500 GB hard drives to store 1 PB of data (or 1,000,000 GB). These services are built on an architecture of clusters which can be scaled to meet your hosting requirements perfectly (and in just a few clicks). Big Data.

2) High velocity data creation and processing

It's impossible to analyse high volumes of data without a high performance architecture and network. Handling raw data and converting it into finished results at high speed gives you a real competitive edge. Forget about the technical side, we will provide the resources.

3) A variety of data in a secure place

When we say big data, we're talking about different kinds of data. It could be server logs, photos, videos, texts, your digital business documents, user-generated content, messages on the social networks, data from information sensors… Any data received, sent or stored that requires processing. We know this is one of the biggest issues for many companies today, which is why you are guaranteed total security and data isolation by our private network.

4) The vivacity of the support team

Armed with over 10 years of experience in the web hosting business, we now have total mastery of the technologies for hosting huge volumes of data. Intervention and fast resolution guaranteed in the event of hardware failure.

Some of the applications of big data

Storing and processing large volumes of data is no longer an obstacle. It can give you a better vision of your business and provide the competitive edge when it comes to decision-making. Here's a non-exhaustive list of big data uses:

  • Detecting machine performance faults
  • Transform data into exploitable information 
  • Analyse data fow (e.g stock) 
  • Analysing online reputation 
  • Analyse and predict consumer behaviour 
  • Web analytics for sites with heavy traffic

Data processing

Hadoop clusters

Hadoop is an open source Java application framework which can process data volumes of several petabytes, using thousands of nodes.

These clusters meet the standards for Big Data and are used by many companies that set up this type of service.