Big Data for social analytics and marketing

Advantages of OVH Big Data:

  • Optimised tracking of the social networks
  • Optimised data collection
  • Social analytics data processing

The need to keep track of social networks

Tracking online reputation is an everyday issue for marketing and communication services. With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, more and more customers are using these channels to give their opinion on a product or service.

Being aware of internet opinion is essential to providing effective customer support and improving online reputation. These new channels can be used as communication tools or exploited to win new customers.

Tracking social networks, made easy

You don't need to log in to every social network any more with big data. Instead, you simply collect the data that interests you.

You can also set up barometers to see how your online reputation changes with time and user comments. So you'll know whether you've got it right or if you need to take action.

Adapt your campaigns - have you identified that visitors to your Facebook page tend to buy a specific product? Put an ad on your website aimed specifically at them!

APIs and interfaces to manage everything

Use the APIs provided by the social networks to save everything on your big data cluster.

You can then create reports, see trends, or tell whether comptetor behaviour or a comment on your products has influenced your reputation over a one year period. All this is possible thanks to the big data tools provided with Hadoop.