Big Data FAQ

Technical FAQ and options

What is Big Data used for?

The purpose of Big Data is to assist businesses in improving their performance. This technology enables large volumes of varied data on the company servers to be structured and organised at high speed.
Once the data has been stored, Big Data enables it to be processed so as to extract information on the market, customers and sales etc.

Who can use Big Data?

Big Data has multiple uses, but is mainly used in business and marketing management for customer segmentation, sales forecasting, and strategical decision-making.

How much does Big Data cost?

It all depends on the type of cluster chosen. Basic clusters start at 754.94 euros.

How do I add a server to a Big Data cluster?

This feature will be available soon. Simply log in to your OVH manager and order a new server. It will be delivered with your chosen distribution on installation of your cluster (Hadoop or MongoDB), and you can then add it to your cluster manually.

Which Hadoop distribution is offered with OVH Big Data?

OVH recommends using Hadoop version 1.2.0. You will thus have access to Hortonworks, enabling you to manage your infrastucture.
You can of course manually install any version of Hadoop.

How do I send data using the Big Data service?

Simply create scripts to send data to the Big Data cluster via the internet.

What IPs are available for big data clusters?

Each server is delivered with 3 IP addresses. These IPs are used to connect to the server and used to send information as Big Data.