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What is Private Cloud?

The OVH Private Cloud is a one-of-a-kind solution that came from several years of research alongside the best virtualisation software providers. It combines the best features from 3 types of infrastructures (datacentre, dedicated servers and Cloud) to offer you full control, a dedicated network and maximum I/O giving you a choice of hardware. Dedicated Cloud is perfect for:

  • Outsourcing your platforms
  • Overflow
  • Peak loads
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity plans
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Reducing your infrastructure costs

Your Private Cloud free trial

The "Enterprise AMD M" starter pack includes two hosts, two datastores and a VMware® vSphere hypervisor. Scale your infrastructure whenever you want!

Hosts (x2):
10 cores/20 threads
3,1 GHz
Datastore (x2): 1.2 GB
Private network/ 2,000 VxLAN

Guaranteed bandwidth: 1.5 Gbps
Enterprise Plus licence included
Unlimited traffic

vCenter vSphere Datastores Host Host 300 GB 300 GB VM VM VM
10 cores/20 threads/3.1 GHz
Intel Xeon E5-2689v4
4 x 10  Gbps
NSX included
Guaranteed bandwidth
We give you unlimited traffic and 1.5 Gbps guaranteed bandwidth.
Create your VMs
Easily deploy VMs via your vCenter vSphere as a Service and build an infrastructure that will meet all your needs.
100% dedicated and managed
Your Hosts (compute) and Datastores (storage) are 100% dedicated to you. OVH manages your infrastructure hardware 24/7.
Private network/ 2,000 VxLAN
With 2,000 preconfigured vLANs available, you can isolate your VMs from the public network and use our global infrastructure to deploy your network across multiple datacentres.
Enterprise Plus licence
The Enterprise Plus licence is INCLUDED. It gives you access to all the VMware advanced management features.
On-demand resources
yours in 5 minutes.
Add and remove additional resources whenever you want! You can deploy them automatically on your infrastructure in 30 minutes.

Private Cloud: your business booster

"Private Cloud is a scalable, flexible and extremely robust solution"

Charles Ozanne - CTO .

Why choose OVH?

Guaranteed bandwidth
Unlimited quantity of VMs
VMware licence included
Unlimited traffic
Fully dedicated hardware managed by OVH
Access to the vSphere hypervisor

International certifications and awards

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